By Jaime Vendera


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It is said that your first book is the hardest to write. I concur. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil but never pursued a writing career until 2000. At the turn of the century, I decided I could tap into my extensive vocal background and write a book on vocal methodology in about a month. That month turned into nearly four years.

What I discovered during those four years is that many writers can become plagued by lack of motivation, which can be a destroyer of many great book ideas. I hit many roadblocks during those periods, but it was my own fault. I was consumed with trying to figure out how to improve my writing skills, prepare my book for distribution, design my own cover, draw the illustrations (and I’m not an artist), and build a website, all by myself.

Trying to wear all those hats at once was exhausting. My solution appeared near the end of those four years—find professionals to complete the tasks I was unqualified to tackle so that I could focus on writing and the tasks I could do myself.

After releasing several books, I’ve fine-tuned that solution into eleven simple steps, eliminating the guesswork from writing, formatting, releasing, and promoting a book from beginning to end. This solution isn’t anything new. In fact, there are multitudes of self-publishing books, but most are out of date the moment they hit the shelves because self-publishing rules are continually evolving and changing. Because of this fact, I’ve made 11 Simple Steps special by creating an online companion resource with continually updated material at:

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The online companion resource puts extras and links at your fingertips to help you bypass the roadblocks that can kill your book idea. Think of this resource as your 11 Simple Steps workbook, a workbook that will continue to change and grow, following the changes in the publishing world.

Everyone has a book inside them waiting to be written. Don’t lose sight of that book because of roadblocks thrown up by technical details. Use this book and the online resource companion to help you write and release your own book in minimal time.

Are you ready to get started? Great! Follow along with the steps in this book as you write your book, and you could be a published author within four to eight weeks. How do I know? I’ve done it! Before we begin, I want to mention that although 11 Simple Steps is written from the nonfiction author perspective, the steps in this book will work for a fiction title as well. Now let’s move on to Step One.