How to Write a Book in Seven Days (711 Press Style)

Jaime Vendera has just released a new blog that covers his method for lightning fast book writing, which can be viewed at


All 711 Press Books in Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service!

Now you can enjoy each and every single 711 Press book at any time by signing up for Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscrition service. For only $9.99 per month, you can access all of our books and read them whenever you like, as often as you like. This is Amazon new Netflix-for-eBooks subscription service, and we're a part of it. Join now to unlock our full catalog of books, both past and present, and you will also be given access to all of our future books as well! But it won't take you months to read our books. In fact, you can probably read them all in three weeks or less, so $9.99 will go a very long way in that sense.

The 711 Universe starts in The Crisis Trilogy, then dips back in the past with pre-medieval era books like Age of the Sigil and Legends of the Dread Realm, then flows forward with the likes of Mafiosi, Order of 5ive, The Kill Factor Series, and others, then beams into the future with The Werecat Saga and The Phoenix Earth Saga. Be sure to read all of our exciting titles and prepare yourself for future adventures!

Don't miss out! 711 Press is just getting started. You can see our entire Kindle Unlimited lineup here.


Flight 666 Brought to Life in Audio Format

Finally, 711 Press is proud to announce the official launch of our audiobook line through Audible, starting with Drusilla Winters' movie book Flight 666. Being book one from her Moment of Death trilogy, Flight 666 is a gripping, twisted tale of horror in the skies that follow the lives of seven people as they ultimately meet their deaths in the most horrifying ways possiblde. Flight 666 will leave you feeling stained on the inside by an etheric hint of evil that hides in our deepest subconscious during our worst nightmares.

The 711 Press audio book line is perfect for people on the go with so little time that they turn to audiobooks, yet even their listening time is limited. Thankfully, 711 Press movie books can be heard and digested from start to finish in only a couple of hours. Our movie books were created specifically with time contraints in mind, so we simply take what would usually be a 400-500 page novel and remove all the fat and fodder to leave pure cineamtic imagery through plot progressive action and dialog.

Whether you prefer print, eBook, or audibook, we've got you covered. Learn more about Flight 666 here.


Become an Erotica author??? Noooooooooooo.......

Hey 711 Press fans. Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. As many of you know, not only do I produce fiction books with Daniel Middleton, but I also write my own non-fiction books focused mainly on singing. My other day job is that of "glass shattering vocal coach to rock stars," ha-ha. But, I still truly love producing fiction books. It gives me great joy to unleash my creative mindset by developing and conceptualizing unique fiction stories.

I write to you today because something has been nagging at me for several months -- this crazy Erotica novel craze sweeping Kindle. Daniel and I have never been Erotica fans, but that's just us. Ironically, we've had countless authors approach both of us in the hopes of publishing Erotica through 711 Press. However, at this point, our guidelines are very unique and we hand pick our authors, regardless of the genre brought to the table by outside authors. Still, I noticed that 80% of the manuscripts submitted to us for review are always Erotica titles by authors attempting to land the deal by saying, "711 Press lacks Erotica...Erotica sells. You need Erotica fiction on your roster..."

One thing that Daniel and I agreed on from the very first day we opened our doors was that we would never publish Erotica. It's just not our cup of tea, no matter how well it sells. Now, as I look back over the past several months, noticing how has tightened their submission guidelines, I must say that we made the right decision. There is a flood, and I mean flooooooooooooood of Independent authors now releasing Erotica books with goofy titles that suggest spanking this to that to the ridiculously weird like having an affair with a dinoasaur. I just can't wrap my head around it. And, they sell. Well, actually, there's more to the story...

Some sell...and some don't.... Now, there's a  flood, and I do mean to repeat, flooooooooooooood of authors getting booted from KDP because of ther Erotica titles. Describing a sexual act and creating a kinky Erotica book title with a crazy cover, whether it features a half naked woman or an extinct creature may get you some sales, but if it isn't quality, you risk getting the boot from KDP...

In the end, it will always come down to a quality product. Quality is what we always strive to do at 711 Press, regardless of the genre. We focus on quality, creativity, and superior book interior & cover design. This is also the reason we do not publish Public Domain titles. That seems to be another Kindle craze, with 500 people releasing titles like, "Little Women" by slapping a PDF found somewhere online into KDP with no thought put into revising the interior design or creating a unique cover for a quality Kindle book, which is supposed to reflect a true classic.

So, authors, if you're out to get rich and want to pump out a raunchy read, best of luck to you. Also, if you think releasing 50 public domain titles will let you quit your day job, again, we say, "good luck." But, do not be disappointed when KDP rejects your title. Spend some time on your book, even if you're an Erotica author and writing Erotica is what makes you happy. Bottom line, make your book shine, make it sparkle, make it worth reading!


711 Press publishes first space opera

With the rise of space epics over the past few years with the relaunch of Battlestar Galactica, and now Disney buying the rights to Star Wars, as well as new movies such as After Earth, Oblivion, and Elysium hitting the big screen, 711 Press has joined the ranks with the release of Phoenix Earth. The first complete season is now available with the second complete season to be released at the end of June, 2013. Phoenix Earth is another show in our TV Book line, featuring episodic titles which are compiled to form a full TV Book season. That's 13 action-packed episodes (or "bookisodes") in all. Each one will take you roughly 30 minutes to read.

About This Season:

After the final cataclysm claimed Earth, and seeding failed on Mars, the surviving humans had only one choice—seek out a new planet or die. Eventually, the surviving humans discovered Malakar, a small planet millions of miles away. In time, the two races merged, creating a new breed called Maluan. However, racism soon spread throughout the planet and the human and Maluans faced total extinction by evil Malakarans known as Creks. In a politically charged move to sweep the planet clean of all non-purebloods, the descendants of the human race are forced off Malakar to relocate to a planet dubbed X67 by Malakaran authorities. What unfolds is a maniacal scheme to destroy the Maluans and humans before they reach their new home, forcing them to leap at the speed of thought to a dead planet no one has seen in more than five hundred years: Earth. 
Phoenix Earth follows the lives of an eclectic group as they bond together to stay alive and begin anew as they discover new alien races and struggle to help Earth rise from the ashes.

Age of the Sigil is Unleashed

Welcome back 711 Press fans. What a great new year 2013 is turning out to be already! This year, a turn of events has led us to release ALL TV books as complete seasons. Now, you, the reader, can own all 13 episodes of any TV book instantly, instead of waiting week after week for the next episode. This saves money and time as our new TV book eBook compilations are now priced at only $2.99 per season as compared to the old model of $0.99 per episode. And at thirteen episodes, that can get as pricey as a full length print novel.

So, to start this new year right, we've simultaneously launched Age of the Sigil Seasons One & Two

These two TV book compilations mark the first half of the Sigil series, an epic YA fantasy adventure which follows four teens (Pim the Knife, Reev Onid, Deloria Kildri, and Estra Dane) as they embark upon a quest across the four quadrants of the continent of Austrand in search of secrets to unlock the powers of the mysterious black Sigil markings that have appeared on their skin; tattoos which have granted them each unique abilities that save their lands from warlocks, monsters, and invisible forces bent on destroying their homelands.

Follow the quest of four teens as they lead you to the wildest places of your imagination, traveling across mountains, through caves, underground, and even beyond the clouds, and you'll discover a world full of dragons, faieries, swords & sorcery in a land as colorfully vivid as The Hobbit, created for lovers of YA fantasy. The Age of the Sigil is upon us, so you better prepare yourself for adventure.

Age of the Sigil was written by Melvyn Riley, one of our latest 711 Press authors. Welcome aboard, Melvyn. 


And We're Back . . .

After a brief break from the hectic publishing schedule of last year, we decided to give our authors a break and allow them to catch up on outstanding material. Well the break is over folks, and we've got a lot of good stuff coming this year. Age of the Sigil will see a double-season launch (that's 2 mega omnibuses to replace the single-episode we've ceased doling out as of last year). Also look for Roger Vallon's third Kill Factor entry titled Death Strike, and offerings from a couple new authors we've signed. Ronald Coleborn's Legends of the Dread Realm saga also continues with Dragon's Tyranny. Phoenix Earth Season two will come on the heals of the season one omnibus release, and Order of 5ive and Mafiosi both get new seasons this year, but you won't have to wait week after week to read the eps., 'cause we're launching them Netflix style. So let the fun begin folks.