James LaFleur and Gordon Massie Interview

Despite their hectic schedule and the vast distance that separates these dynamic Sci-fi authors, 711 Press managed to wrangle its two promising debut authors for an eye-opening interview, which can be read below:

711 Press: So how did you two get into writing?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: We actually grew up together, spending our summers in Europe with each other. Our parents did the same growing up and just carried on the tradition. We were both junior explorers and loved movies like Indiana Jones, so we let our minds run wild. Most of this info is in our 711 Press author bio by the way, if anyone is interested.

711 Press: Right, but this is mainly for the benefit of those who won’t bother to check, lol. At any rate, it’s often tough for two writers to collaborate on a project. But you two make it look easy. What’s your formula?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: (Massie & LaFleur share a sly glance, and smirk, before Massie answers): We’re not at liberty to give away all our secrets now. But I will say this, it helps that I’ve known this bloke for, oh, two-thirds of my life. We feed off each other like two sponges, and over the years, we’ve begun to think a lot a like, so that’s a large part of it. That can’t be taught. You don’t get lessons for a seamless collaboration like that in a workshop, mate.

711 Press: Well said. Now, where did the concept for The Crisis Trilogy Originate?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Mostly from old stories we’d written over the years, or tales we made up as kids. When we decided to write something, we wanted to keep it in modern times, and we both immediately thought about Indiana Jones, and what he’d be like if he was a drunk who gave up, then found his way back, haha.

711 Press: Well, it’s definitely not your usual tale of archaeological exploration, haha. So, you wrote your first book, then BAM out of nowhere you have a TV book spin off. How did the TV book series, Order of 5ive come about?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: That was another brilliant idea from 711 Press. That’d be you guys, lol. When we were almost finished with Chaos Pendulum, one of you, I believe it was Daniel, suggested we pull the characters from one of the Chaos Pendulum chapters and create a TV book series around them. I believe the words used were, “these teens are so interesting, they deserve their own show. Since the two of us are busy writing Movie Books, we had our usual mastermind meeting, conceptualized the series, and handed it off to other writers, and now the entire first season is out!

711 Press: So, now that the first season of Order of 5ive has wrapped, and The Crisis Trilogy is complete, what’s your next project?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: We are already working on our fourth Movie Book, which is called Shifters and is due out some time next year. It’s a sci-fi YA thriller/love story that follows a teen with extraordinary powers who slips back in time and makes a decision that shapes the future of the world. You can actually learn a bit about it now by checking out the free eBook Order of 5ive: Origins which is available through Kindle, Nook & Google eBooks. The free ebook hints at the beginnings of Shifters and we actually see the main character, though we don’t point that character out directly.

711 Press: That’s great. We love how you’ve tied in Order of 5ive: Origins with Shifters .

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Well, of course you do, that was your idea, remember? Lol. The great thing about 711 Press is the way it’s set up. Through the mastermind meetings between you, the producers, and all of the authors, we are actually building a world where we can borrow characters and settings from one another, as well as spin ideas off of each author and producer. You probably don’t want us to mention this, but that’s exactly how Catastrophe Scroll was written. We had a meeting once we basically had the concept for the last installment of the trilogy and were ready to begin writing it. We brought our notes to the table, and then worked with the 711 Press team to flesh out the basic chapter ideas together. Though we, (James & Gordon) had the entire layout, the input from everyone brought it to life even more, and you made sure all the loose ends were tied up, which made it much easier to write.

711 Press: Well, that’s one ingredient of the spice recipe that makes up 711 Press :) But, we cannot take all the credit. You two brought the full idea to the table, we just helped produce it, like a film producer would for any blockbuster movie.

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: It’s a great idea. We extremely loved the enthusiasm of the new young author, Jami Lynn Saunders. Her mind is like a movie projector. She brought great visual scenes to the table for Catastrophe Scroll. We both are very excited for when she starts releasing her Werecat saga.We’ll both be huge fans, we’re sure. And Drusilla Winters....what a sick and twisted mind, haha. Her ideas were awesome, but scary, haha. We cannot wait for her horror trilogy to start!

711 Press:With all the producing, and overseeing of each book project, do you ever feel overwhelmed or trapped by the ideas brought forth in 711 Press meetings, or the edits and change suggestions?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Not in the least, although your edits and suggestions on Crisis Artifact, did drive us nuts, haha. There were more red words than black, lol. But now we understand the formula and without the production side, we don’t think the trilogy wouldn’t have turned out as amazing as it did. 711 Press made that book soooooo much better. I believe we took out over 15,000 words during the final edits without deleting or diminishing any crucial element to the story. Now it reads ten times better, ten times easier, and ten times more entertaining.

711 Press:Why thank you, young Jedis:) Speaking of Crisis Artifacte, there is a crucial battle scene at the end of that book, and though we don’t want to give away any scenes in the trilogy, it is eerily similar to a scene in the movie, Last Air Bender. Now, this scene is not played out the same in the cartoon, but we were just curious if you stole the idea from the movie?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: I can assure you, we did not. If anything, M. Night Shyamalan stole the idea from us, haha. We both believe there are no new stories, just retelling in different lights, so that is bound to happen. We’ve been told about the simlarities between our book and the cartoon/movie since the first book in the trilogy has been released. The fact that people are noticing similar elements between our trilogy and the Last Air Bender TV series is taken as a huge compliment, although neither of us had seen the show until we heard these comments. Now, we’ve both watched the entire series and absolutely love it. As far as the movie, finally watching the scene that you speak of, was amazing. It was very similar to how we imagined the scene in Crisis Artifact .

711 Press: Anything else for 2012?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Shifters is the only thing on the 2012 roster from us, but that doesn’t mean we are slacking. We are working on an entire series that will continue over the years called Fagan’s Quest that isn’t as dark as The Crisis Trilogy. We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you. That’s pretty much 2013 stuff and beyond, so it just goes to show how far ahead we are in terms of future projects.

711 Press: Never mind then, haha. Well, keep writing, and we’ll keep pushing.

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Keep pushing and we’ll keep writing;)

711 Press: Oh, we intend to:) Thanks for the interview guys, hate to cut it short, but you two need to finish writing Shifters before your bosses get mad, haha.

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: Already on it!

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