Why We Rate Our Movie and TV Books

At 711 Press, we are dedicated to delivering what we promise: books that read just like action-packed movies and television shows. We understand that your time is valuable, so what better way to give you a great read than to write a book that is void of hundreds of pages of filler; how would you like to read books that put you right into the middle of the action and take you for a thrill ride in the same amount of time it takes you to watch a movie or your favorite television show? That's why our Movie Books can be easily read from beginning to end in less than three hours, and our TV Book episodes can be digested in thirty minutes or less. 

Building on our 711 Press formula, we not only list appromixate read times for each book, we also rate each book just like the movies and television shows you're used to. That way, you can decide if a title may be too racy for you. Still, we do try to keep our titles clean, and they are void of foul language, but we do understand that some book scenes may be to graphically violent or provocative for many of our fans. Therefore we've incorporated the following ratings system to aid you in choosing a book that's right for you. Our Movie and TV Books are based on the same rating system used by the film industry, and is as follows:

G (General Audiences): All ages can read. G-rated books by 711 Press currently do not exist. However, our first G-rated title, D.N.A: David Noble Alien by Jami Lynn Saunders will be released May of this year.

PG (Parental Guidance Suggested): Our TV books Age of the Sigil and Order of 5ive both fall into the PG category. These YA adventures are good, clean fiction reads that are suitable for children, tweens, and adults alike. But they do have lightly textured battle scenes, therefore we felt they deserved a slightly more restricted rating than G.

PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned): The Werecat Saga, featuring the Movie Books Feral, Rabid, and Nocturnal, as well as the Crisis Trilogy, which feature the Movie Books Crisis Artifact, Chaos Pendulum and Catastrophe Scroll would fall into this category. Both trilogies include graphic fight scenes that are not too gory, but we suggest these books be approved by a parent for children 13 and under. 

R (Restricted): Children under 17 should not read these titles without the permission of a parent or adult guardian (preferably one who is willing to guide them throughout the read). The Moment of Death trilogy, which includes Flight 666, Long Cold Winter, and Moment of Death from our horror line is definitely rated-R due to its strong graphic content. Movie Books in the Kill Factor series, though James Bond-esque in nature is still considered R-rated due to scenes of violence, as well as the occasional adult situation. TV Book series Mafiosi, similar to television shows like The Sopranos, Las Vegas, and Boardwalk Empire would not be suitable for children under 17 without parental permission (and/or guidance).

Unfortunately, 711 Press has no way to enforce these guidelines. However, we still want to inform our readers so that wise reading choices can be made. Refer to our Current Titles page often for the latest releases in Movie and TV books. As always, each book will be listed with approximate read times and suggested ratings.

Happy reading!


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