Voyager 1 Has Reached the Edge of Our Solar System

Wow, it blows me away to think that something NASA launched into space nearly 35 years ago has literally traveled over 11 billion miles from Earth, is still in one piece and is still transmitting information back to Earth. That is astounding. And people think we don't have extraterrestrial allies helping us on the technological end, hmmm. September marks an exciting month for the satellite, knowing it has traveled for so long and so far, that it is close to passing out of our solar system, making it the farthest Earth object sent from Earth.

I am so giddy, I feel like I am living Phoenix Earth or Battlestar Galactica. I wonder what data it will collect on its three computers, which holds a total of 68 kb (probably less than this blog). That's pretty crazy. But it's even crazier that we were able to send objects into space 30+ years ago, knowing the airplane was only invented (at least this eon around) in the twentieth century. Anyone else think it bizarre that we've advanced so far in a hundred years?

Anyways, hats off to NASA (even if they've been temporarily downsized) for their amazing contributions to the field of science. I only wish I could travel to Malakar in my lifetime to see outer space for myself. Pssst, for those of you not familiar with Malakar, check out the TV book series Phoenix Earth on Kindle. Trust me, you'll get hooked!

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