Become an Erotica author??? Noooooooooooo.......
Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 9:00AM
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Hey 711 Press fans. Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. As many of you know, not only do I produce fiction books with Daniel Middleton, but I also write my own non-fiction books focused mainly on singing. My other day job is that of "glass shattering vocal coach to rock stars," ha-ha. But, I still truly love producing fiction books. It gives me great joy to unleash my creative mindset by developing and conceptualizing unique fiction stories.

I write to you today because something has been nagging at me for several months -- this crazy Erotica novel craze sweeping Kindle. Daniel and I have never been Erotica fans, but that's just us. Ironically, we've had countless authors approach both of us in the hopes of publishing Erotica through 711 Press. However, at this point, our guidelines are very unique and we hand pick our authors, regardless of the genre brought to the table by outside authors. Still, I noticed that 80% of the manuscripts submitted to us for review are always Erotica titles by authors attempting to land the deal by saying, "711 Press lacks Erotica...Erotica sells. You need Erotica fiction on your roster..."

One thing that Daniel and I agreed on from the very first day we opened our doors was that we would never publish Erotica. It's just not our cup of tea, no matter how well it sells. Now, as I look back over the past several months, noticing how has tightened their submission guidelines, I must say that we made the right decision. There is a flood, and I mean flooooooooooooood of Independent authors now releasing Erotica books with goofy titles that suggest spanking this to that to the ridiculously weird like having an affair with a dinoasaur. I just can't wrap my head around it. And, they sell. Well, actually, there's more to the story...

Some sell...and some don't.... Now, there's a  flood, and I do mean to repeat, flooooooooooooood of authors getting booted from KDP because of ther Erotica titles. Describing a sexual act and creating a kinky Erotica book title with a crazy cover, whether it features a half naked woman or an extinct creature may get you some sales, but if it isn't quality, you risk getting the boot from KDP...

In the end, it will always come down to a quality product. Quality is what we always strive to do at 711 Press, regardless of the genre. We focus on quality, creativity, and superior book interior & cover design. This is also the reason we do not publish Public Domain titles. That seems to be another Kindle craze, with 500 people releasing titles like, "Little Women" by slapping a PDF found somewhere online into KDP with no thought put into revising the interior design or creating a unique cover for a quality Kindle book, which is supposed to reflect a true classic.

So, authors, if you're out to get rich and want to pump out a raunchy read, best of luck to you. Also, if you think releasing 50 public domain titles will let you quit your day job, again, we say, "good luck." But, do not be disappointed when KDP rejects your title. Spend some time on your book, even if you're an Erotica author and writing Erotica is what makes you happy. Bottom line, make your book shine, make it sparkle, make it worth reading!

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