Flight 666 Brought to Life in Audio Format

Finally, 711 Press is proud to announce the official launch of our audiobook line through Audible, starting with Drusilla Winters' movie book Flight 666. Being book one from her Moment of Death trilogy, Flight 666 is a gripping, twisted tale of horror in the skies that follow the lives of seven people as they ultimately meet their deaths in the most horrifying ways possiblde. Flight 666 will leave you feeling stained on the inside by an etheric hint of evil that hides in our deepest subconscious during our worst nightmares.

The 711 Press audio book line is perfect for people on the go with so little time that they turn to audiobooks, yet even their listening time is limited. Thankfully, 711 Press movie books can be heard and digested from start to finish in only a couple of hours. Our movie books were created specifically with time contraints in mind, so we simply take what would usually be a 400-500 page novel and remove all the fat and fodder to leave pure cineamtic imagery through plot progressive action and dialog.

Whether you prefer print, eBook, or audibook, we've got you covered. Learn more about Flight 666 here.

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