Order of 5ive Bonus Episode now free on Kindle/Nook

In celebration of the successful first season of our first released TV book series, "Order of 5ive", we've released a bonus episode that can be downloaded for FREE while available. Get your Kindle copy HERE or learn about the whole series, and find links to Kindle, Nook, and Google versions on the Order of 5ive Page at


Look out James Bond and Jason Bourne, Hadrian Black is here!!!

Kill Factor, the first espionage thriller by new author Roger Vallon is officially available today (08/31/2011) on Nook and Kindle! Here's a synopsis of the thriller which can also be read on the book page-

"After going rogue and laying low on a farm in the Midwest, Hadrian Black, an ex black-ops soldier turned covert government agent resurfaces and seeks revenge against the company that made him what he is. With the aid of an old friend, and the schemes and resources of a new one, Hadrian faces off against the deadly agents of the multi-faceted corporation with a global reach known as Redrum Industries, which is also out to destroy him." 

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Roger Vallon Interview

711 Press caught up with thriller author Roger Vallon, who has gathered an impressive Twitter following in just one week (over 640 followers interested in his new series, called Kill Factor). We had a few questions for Roger that we figured would tie in nicely with the release of his first book. The results of that interview follow below:

711 Press: So Roger, Kill Factor officially releases tomorrow (08/31/2011), although I see it’s already live on Kindle, lol. We want to congratulate you on your first release. We loved the manuscript when we first read it and it’s even more explosive now that it’s polished and edited.

Roger Vallon: Thanks. I must say, people think writing a book is easy. It’s not; it takes lots of work to hone your writing skills. And following the 711 writing guidelines makes it even more difficult. There were times I almost wanted to kill you guys, like my character Hadrian Black would have :) no offense. But, having the 711 team produce the book with me made it such a wonderful, rewarding experience in the end. I honestly don’t think Kill Factor would’ve been as compelling as it is if not for your guidance. So, much obliged for that.

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Order of 5ive Season Finale Wrap-up

WOW, I cannot believe we are reaching the end of Season One of "Order of 5ive"- the first TV book series from 711Press. The 13-book series has finally reached episode #12 which launches the 2-part season finale entitled, "Shutdown Part I". For those of you who have been following this amazing book series which follows the lives of five extraordinary teens with special abilities/powers who work for the government solving special cases in an X-Files/X-men fashion, you'll be greatly surprised by the turn of events. The season definitely ends with a blast! If you haven't heard of "Order of 5ive" you are missing out on the hottest summer read series for YA in the history of mankind. Each book can be read in less than an hour and continues the adventure onto the next episode. I'd also like to mention that 711 Press will soon be releasing "Order of 5ive:Origins", which is a free Kindle/Nook book that lets the fans know exactly how this governmental program of teens with amazing strength, speed and psychic powers began. Learn more about the first TV series from 711 Press at


The Author of the First Book I Ever Read is Now My Facebook Friend

Well it’s official. Today, a very important person accepted my Facebook friend request. It all started with a conversation I had with my wife this weekend. I had mentioned to her some time ago that I could recall the first book I remember reading back in high school (something that wasn’t forced on me as required reading) and I related to her that reading that book launched me on a career path that I am still traveling today. Well this weekend the title of that book came back to me, as well as the name of the author. After I told my wife about it I went online and searched for the book but, alas, it’s out of print, since it was released in August of 1983 (this is why I stress the importance of POD in my blog posts. With the inexpensive method of print-on-demand, nothing has to go out of print anymore).

My search ultimately led to the author’s site, and I quickly whipped up a message that conveyed how important her book was to me and that it helped to shape my life, in that I eventually wrote books of my own, edited other books for a while, and eventually started a book design company and even a publishing company.

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The Era of Big Chain Bookstores is Passing

Today, Borders Group, the direct competitor of Barnes & Noble, is beginning liquidation of its 399 stores, and “everything must go,” folks. And that means $700 million of the company's inventory, which includes books, stationery, CDs, and DVD movies. Even the furnishings and equipment, right down to the shelving will also be sold off. Yikes!

According to one paper, “A liquidation company that is part of the process said late Thursday that the sales will be held starting Friday at all 259 Borders superstores, 114 Borders Express and Waldenbooks, and 26 Borders airport stores.”

A distant rival, Books-A-Million, is said to be bidding for “leases and assets of 30 Borders stores.”

With this latest news, it is official: we are nearing the end of the era of big chain bookstores as we know it. Sad for some, awesome for others. There is a major shift going on in the book world today, and that shift is caused primarily by the upward momentum of the eBook market, which is currently being propelled by online giant In the decades to come, we won’t be able to walk a mere four or five blocks in a major city and pop into a big chain bookstore to browse the shelves and sit down over a steaming cup of java as we peruse a choice print book or two. Those days will be long gone. Instead, look to see a slew of people sitting in actual coffee shops with various eReaders in hand, clicking through digital books that didn’t cost us a forest. (You’ll see a few of ‘em now in fact.)

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Give Me Stories That Aren’t Bogged Down

I read a lot of feedback dished out in reviews for popular book series and sagas of the day; series and sagas written by big name authors, and put out by large, far-reaching publishers with deep pockets. What I tend to see time and again are complaints that are pretty much summed up in one reviewer’s title: “Good writing, but little forward momentum.” What this means is that, after spending ten years reading a series written by a big name author who takes years to produce one book, when said book comes out (which just happens to fall somewhere in the middle of a planned series), the reader fails to add checkmarks to their list of plot resolutions, character arcs, or basic movement in the overall storyline. Why? Because these big name authors are dragging out the story on purpose at the behest of greedy publishers. They essentially milk their saga for all its worth for the sake of making more boatloads of $$$.

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