I nominate Indiana Jones for teacher....and father of the year

Growing up in Wales wasn't as fun as you'd think. Many of my American friends tend to believe that every place in Europe is a scenic adventure...Not the case. My dad was a great dad, but he was on the road a lot, so we didn't get to do a lot of the father/son things like exploring, fishing, etc. My mum did do what she could to keep my hyper-active mind, well, busy. Usually we'd spend time together reading books, watching movies, doing jigsaw puzzles, etc. I feel for my mum, because my mind required consant attention.

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Is the Honey Island Swamp Monster Real???

I know this may sound odd, but one of my fondest childhood memories is watching a television special on Big Foot back in the seventies. I lived in Alabama at the time and remember coming in from playing in a big open field with my friend Derek. Mom marched me off for a quick bath, then I plopped down in front of the tube with my step dad Rodney. He just smiled at me. In retrospect, I think it was because he  knew of my passion for monsters of all kinds. I sat entranced by the show, frozen like a stone statue, gripped by the pictures of the ape-like man walking across the field. "Could it be? A creature lives?"

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Almost There. . . .

A few more tweaks on Kill Factor and all will be right as rain, then its off to the trusty editor for a final polish before we push this thing into publication. The new release date is tentatively set for the last Friday in August, I believe--that falls on the 26th. Future books are being plotted as I write this, and plans are looking good for the Kill Factor franchise, though the first one is yet to hit shelves, virtual or otherwise. 

The tweaks and rewites are going well, and were, in my opinion, very necessary, since this is the first in a new series and must therefore properly set the tone. I'm pleased thus far, and I believe readers will be as well once they get to devour the final version.

- R. Vallon


YA TV Book Order of 5ive is Top Rated

711 Press's new YA TV Book series, Order of 5ive, lands at #28 on Amazon's Top Rated list for Children's Action and Adventure Literature (click here). Thanks to all our loyal fans for the kind support!


The Chaos Pendulum Releases Tomorrow

Chaos Pendulum, book 2 in our Crisis Trilogy is officially out tomorrow! Pick it up. You're in for a wild ride. The fan base is steadily building for the trilogy, and James and I couldn't be happier. I think that by the time Catastrophe hits later this year, the groundswell will pretty much be in place. This has been one of the best writing experiences of my life, and the early fan reaction means the world to me. It tells me you all get it! Thanks to all those who have supported our efforts thus far.


The Catastrophe is Upon Us . . .

I just had to jump in here and drop a few lines about what went down today. I'm happy to report that we've put the fininshing touches on the third book in The Crisis Trilogy, and it is a whale of a good time (but not necessarily for the characters, lol). Anywho, the book (and I'm talking about The Catastrophe Scroll for those of you who're wondering) is high octane, out-of-this-world (literally!), non-stop-action, thrills, chills, hair-raisin' revelations, and plain ol' fun!

We're on course for an August release (and yes, we're planning on making the deadline, Roger Vallon, eh hem!). So while the second book is set to launch on Friday, as planned, we're so excited about the third book and finishing this grand story arc that I had to pop in here and share. Book two is a blast too, by the way. That one takes the action and story elements of the first book and shoves it over a cliff. But enough about that. I've gotta get back to work, folks! Till next time.


Order of 5IVE continues with Episode II live on Kindle and Nook

We are well on our way to a new era in book releases, as our first "TV in book form" program, Order of 5IVE moves into the second week of its release. The second episode of Order of 5IVE is now live on Kindle and Nook. The second part of the pilot unfolds as we learn more about each teen in the Order, discovering each teen's personalities and powers. This 'bookisode' (book+episode) picks up where bookisode I left off and we get to see the Order in action as the teens make their way through New York, investigating a series of fires and explosions. The leader of the Order, King, expects it could be the work of his arch nemesis. Is he right? I won't spoil it for you, but let me say that you won't be let down. This episode gets even deeper into the story that is Order of 5IVE. But don't take my word for it, check it out HERE to learn more and start collecting your own copies today!