Delay in Kill Factor

While Kill Factor was planned for an April release date, I informed the publishers that I wanted to rework scenes in the movie book for the sake of a more compelling story. Things needed to be tightened up and I felt--and the publishers agreed--that the end needed to be reworked, if not rewritten altogether. Granted, this is a new arena for me, as 711 Press is attempting something quite unheard of with the "Movies & TV in Book Form" concept, and I'll be remiss if I let them down. These titles are supposed to be fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thrill rides, as it is often repeated to me, and I aim to deliver just that.

Thank you all for your continued patience as I hammer out the kinks. But I do believe the end result will be a satisfying one.

- R. Vallon.


Order of 5ive: Season 1 Episode 1

While the official launch of the first episode of Order of 5ive is tomorrow, Monday, June 13th, anticipation is already building for this new, dynamic YA series. Select fans will be able to read it for free by contacting my publishing partner Jaime Vendera via his Facebook page (click here).

In short, the Order of 5ive is a unique offering, comprising fast-paced and exciting episodes built around an elite government-backed group of teens with special abilities, which they use to fight against an assortment of enemies, monsters, and unexplained phenomena. Aimed at Young adults, the series will also appeal to older readers, particularly the young at heart.

New episodes will be released every Monday, leading up to a two-part season finale that will arrive August 29th.


I think my publisher has lost it!

Hey guys, I am so happy to see that the release of our book, The Crisis Artifact has already gotten some attention. But the most unsettling thing is to see what one of our publishers, Jaime Vendera, has done to promote the book:

Still, I did enjoy it, and I am glad the little gremlin did as well:)


Kill Factor in Full Throttle

Just wanted to let all of the new 711 Press fans know that Daniel and I are hard at work with our authors to release several great books this year. We are currently wrapping up book #2 for 711 Press, which is called Kill Factor. The book trailor will be released in April. Kill Factor author Roger Vallon is an amazing writer. His writing puts me in mind of Ian Fleming with a little more aggression. If you like movies like the Bourne Trilogy, you'll love this spy adventure in book form.


The Crisis Hits Amazon!

Now Kindle lovers can experience all the thrills of this exhilirating cinematic book. If you own a Kindle, buy The Crisis Artifact now. Within an hour and a half of going live, we got our first review from our very first customer. In her words: 

"THAT WAS TERRIFIC. Defintely worth $2.99
Honest surprise: the writing is good and I did not expect it to be. VERY VERY good story. 

But talk about a cliffhanger!!  I was shocked!! [Spoiler removed . . .]  UNfair!!!  With an ebook you don't have any idea how much you've read. (I didn't pay attention to the bottom)..if this were a paperback held in my hands, I would think oh, I'm coming to the last chapter but with this--a total surprise!  BRAVO to you, Daniel. Well done."

Cici McNair, Author of Never Flirt With a Femme Fatale

Thank you Cici.

So Kindle readers, download your copy today!


The Crisis Artifact Goes Live on Nook

If you own a Barnes & Noble Nook, then today is your lucky day. The Crisis Artifact, the first in a planned trilogy is now available for purchase. So don't miss out on the thrilling start of what will be a monumental, larger-than-life saga that features adventure, perlious treks, treasure hunts, and epic battles between the forces of good and evil. Learn the secrets of the ancient artifact that has the power to destroy or save the world, and witness the struggle of opposing forces as they move to seize control of it.  . . .


Thinking Ahead . . .

As to what my writing pard said, yeah, we're hitting you folks with a bonus chap following the release of each book in the Crisis series, but look for the first bonus chap to hit shortly before the release of book 2 in the Crisis Trilogy, which is set to hit virtual shelves in June, if what the publishers tell me is true. Can't believe everything you hear in this biz but I'll take their word for it.

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