Amazon Steals Serial Novel Thunder From 711 Press

After delivering quality serialized novels to Amazon for over a year in the form of what we call TV Books, Amazon has announced today that it will be serialzing 8 novels that Kindle users can subscribe to, paying one up front cost and receiving portions of the novels as they are published. We have preached this model for over a year now, when no one else has even attempted to try it, save one obscure company I can bring to mind that published similar books months after we launched Order of 5ive in July 2011.

We published our serials exclusively to Amazon for most of 2011, and all of 2012 so far, and we have long said that we are bringing ideas to the fore that will challenge current publishing conventions. Traditional publishing is falling apart due to outmoded business models and expensive publishing methods, but we feel that breathing new life into the industry is key to creating a groundswell of new readership. This is why we launched 711 Press, and particularly why we launched the TV Book line which can be viewed as serialized novels. In fact, in November of 2011, we posted this blog about Episodic Fiction, which gives you some idea of where we stood at the time, and still do today.

So if you want to read cutting edge serialized fiction from a company that had its heart set on the model from the outset, check our our TV Books here.


If Bill Clinton Were an Evil Tyrant, He'd Be Senator Aldridge!

I must admit, I am not that political a person, but I have paid attention this year because I know this is one of the most important elections in US history. To make a fair judgment call, I've watched both the RNC and DNC coverage. All I can say is, wow, I was blown away by Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC. Regardless of your chosen party, whether you love him or hate him, Slick Willy can deliver a speech. He's quite the orator! I thought he was calm, cool, collective, and held nothing back. I don't know how many of you read Order of 5ive, but I must say that if Bill Clinton were a greedy, evil tryant in charge of a secret government program designed to create monsters and super soldiers, he'd be Senator Aldridge from the 5ive series, particularly season two, which launched in July. 

When James and I plot storylines, we always look for outside resources to inspire our characters. When we created Senator Aldridge, I envisioned Aldridge as Bill Clinton possessed by a maniacal money hungry demon, bent on total US control, and in Order of 5ive Season Two, when Senator Aldridge ran for president and gave his nomination speech, it truly turned out to be something like Clinton's recent speech, at least in my mind, except for a ton of lies Aldridge was spreading, ;)

So, thank you President Clinton for inspiring one of our characters, though I don't view you quite as evil as our Senator Aldridge.


Library Roll: Hamilton Public Library

Our official Library Roll continues, wherein we list the coolest libraries on the planet: the ones that carry our digital titles! If you're one of the lucky readers who happen to live in an area that grants you access to one of these libraries, then you can read our books for free! Otherwise, feel free to purchase our titles by clicking on any book cover after browsing this page

This week we're featuring Hamilton Public Library (HPL), where you can find our books. HPL serves Hamilton, Ontario, which boasts a population of over 500,000 people. 24 individual branch libraries are tied to the same system, so if you live in Hamilton, Ontario, you can borrow books from them. And if you don't have a library card, sign up for one; they're free to Hamilton residents. So dive in and start reading!

The Crisis Trilogy
The Chaos Pendulum

The Catastrophe Scroll

The Kill Factor Series
Kill Factor 

Kill Factor: Serpent Head

Legends of the Dread Realm
Knight's Valor 


Labor Day Crime! Mafiosi Season One Omnibus Available

Experience the thrilling moments from Mafiosi Season One by diving into the new omnibus that features all 13 pulse-pounding episodes. Join Vincenzo Abruzzi and Paul DeFicco as they chart a course up the ladder of success in a thriving New York crime family, the Paranzanos. Dodge bullets, wine and dine with the elite, and muscle your way to the top in enterprising schemes by reading these juices pages. You won't want to miss the action and drama. Then head over here and pick up Season Two's first episode October 1st.

Here's a description of the first season:

Vincenzo Abruzzi, a young, out-of-work Italian-American male in 1950s New York is approached by his cousin Paul after a neighborhood wise guy puts the word out that he needs to seed a few new spots. A chance meeting with this made man leads to a world of crime and excess after Vincenzo is given the chance to prove himself with a test run. Along the way, he meets both a nice Italian girl who could turn out to be wife material as well as a seasoned "woman of the world," who opens him up to new possibilities. Juggling these women while concentrating on furthering his criminal career without getting whacked by a slew of new enemies proves to be more difficult that it first seemed, but the allure of mob life is also too irresistible, especially when he begins to rise up the ranks with unprecedented speed.

If you like Goodfellas, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Godfather, Casino, and upcoming shows Vegas, you'll also enjoy Mafiosi.


Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Ten: Bright Eyes

When Senator Aldridge forces King to aid the New York City police in solving a crime that involves a criminal who has the ability to put his victims into a coma, King knows there's a hidden agenda. But, what the 5ive uncover from the alleged criminal proves far worse than what King initially expected. Now, they must decide whether to save the "criminal" from an inevitable death at the hands of the Senator, or turn their backs on the truth.

Get your copy here.


Facebook Share Price Falls Again!

Folks, two weeks ago I told you in this post that Facebook would keep diving, because the big players are tripping over themselves to get out of this thing. They see the exit signs and are cashing in, big time. Meanwhile, the little players who were hit hard initially are still in, as they're holding out hope that the stock will go up on the promises of Mark Zuckerberg who speaks of great things to come. Well the stock fell 4.5% today, and it will go even lower, thanks to lock-up expirations I mentioned earlier, which will add close to 1.5 billion shares to the market by November 14. Money will fly into the pockets of those who bought early and bought cheap, and many more will lose money. That's the name of the game. On the strength of this news, brokerage firms and some Facebook underwriters are cutting their price targets.

Some would say that you can't write this stuff, but it seems that's not true anymore. Read my Kill Factor series if you want to see this stuff in action. Corrupt far-reaching corporations with their hands in everything being crippled by market manipulation. Riveting stuff!

On another note, congrats to fellow 711 Press author Ronald Coleborn on releasing his new series that starts with Knight's Valor. Loved it! Looking forward to more.


First Chapter of Knight's Valor Now Live

Feel free to read the first chapter of the first chronicle of my new Legends of the Dread Realm series. The chapter is available here. The first book in the series, Knight's Valor, was fully released to the public today, Friday, August 31st.

Enjoy, dear readers, and if you decide to purchase the full movie book, my pockets will thank you all the more.