Mafiosi Season One Omnibus Coming September 3rd

Good news for you mafia fans who are awaiting the upcoming third season of Boardwalk Empire. I hear 711 Press author James LaFleur might be reviewing each episode as it airs on HBO. Looking forward to seeing more of what Nucky Thompson and friends are up to in Atlantic City myself, but I'm here to tell you that Mafiosi: The Complete Season One omnibus launches on Monday, September 3rd, while the first episode of season two drops on Monday, October 1st. You don't want to miss either season if you're true fans of crime fiction, particularly the kind dealing with the mafia.

Some interesting things are in store for Mafiosi season two, wherein I take the boys West, to California, which, in our fictional 711 Universe is considered vigrin territory for Vincenzo Abruzzi and Paul DeFicco. I think fans of the first season of Mafiosi will thoroughly enjoy season two.


Amazon Kindle Now Available in India

Welcome to the party, India! Amazon announced via a press release yesterday that its popluar Kindle e-reader is now available for purchase across the country through Croma, an Indian electronics retailer. The device will retail for 6,999 rupees or about $126. And it really doesn't matter that the Kindle reader being introduced there is the entry-level model, at least the country can now share in the wonders of digital publishing. Readers can now carry over 1,000 books with them wherever they go!

You know what this also means: 711 Press books are also widely available to Indian readers, so feel free to browse our titles and enter worlds of excitement, action, and fun by visiting our current titles page.


Super 8 is now on Netflix

Just watched Super 8 on Netfix...Oh how I love my iPad. Yet another book or movie that is eerily similar to what I write. I don't want to give anything away for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, but I was shocked toward the end when I figured out what the "thing" was creating. It reminded me of the star fire cube from my book, D.N.A. - David Noble, Alien. Which brings up another point that will soon be the subject of a blog series. I have NOT read books by people like Rachel Vincent, Amanda Hocking, or Pitticus Lore before releasing my material. Yet, funny enough, my fans keep telling me how my stories remind them of the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent (yep, it's about a werecat, ha-ha), Hollowlands and Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking, and of course, I Am Number Four by Pitticus Lore, which is very similar to D.N.A. Honestly, I get my inspiration from Netflix movies, especially the old B-rated flix. I like to think, "What if..." as I watch a new movie. So, there you have it, I'm a Netflix junkie, along with most of the other 711 Press scribes, as I hear it via Skype meetings. If you want to write a book, I suggest you subscribe to Netflix and do the same for creative inspiration.


Library Roll: Los Angeles Public Library

It's time for our first official Library Roll, where we list the coolest libraries on the planet: the ones that carry our digital titles! If you're one of the lucky readers who happen to live in an area that grants you access to one of these libraries, then you can read our books for free! Otherwise, feel free to purchase our titles by clicking on any book cover after browsing this page.

We begin with the Los Angeles Public Library system, where you can find our books. There are close to 180 individual libraries linked to the Los Angeles Public Library system, so if you live in Los Angeles, you can borrow books from them. And if you don't have a library card, sign up for one; they're free to California residents. So dive in and start reading!

The Crisis Trilogy
The Crisis Artifact

The Chaos Pendulum

The Catastrophe Scroll

The Moment of Death Trilogy
Flight 666 

Long, Cold Winter



Tony Scott, Gone But Not Forgotten

Rest in peace Tony Scott. I feel like we're losing a lot of industry heavyweights lately, be it on the film or music side of the coin. Scott's first big hit was Top Gun, a favorite among many to this day, and he was working on the sequel prior to his leap off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. Many of his peers and fellow industry collaborators tweeted or released their condolences, and what a flood. He had many admirers, and yours truly is among them.

Was looking forward to another go around of Top Gun, but its captain has gone off into the sunset to rest. I think I'll revisit some of his films this weekend in tribute.


Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Eight: Boot Camp

With the East Coast Order team on vacation, King heads to LA to put the West Coast Order through boot camp. However, only two days into training, Senator Aldridge calls on King and his teens to handle a terrorist situation on the East Coast. When King refuses, claiming his kids aren't ready, Aldridge forces his hand due to one of the terrorists being a hypernatural. Left to face the biggest challenge of their careers, the new 5ive ban together in an attempt to thwart the terrorists, with or without the proper training.

Get your copy here.


Self Publishing Success vs. Traditional Obscurity

John Locke, the author of the Donovan Creed novels was wise when he inked a deal with a major publisher last year. He retained the eBook rights to his works and only allowed Simon & Schuster to redesign and distribute the print fare. That, for one thing, shows you how much clout the author had, being a member of the Kindle Million Club, and for another, it shows you how desperate big publishers are these days. A deal like that would have been unheard of ten, even five years ago. Now big pubs are surfing sites like Amazon looking for the next big thing: authors who can sell a fair amount of books on their own before they swoop in and snatch them up with a prized contract. But signee beware! Some of those deals really are too good to be true, unless you're John Locke, that is.

In this current environment, it behooves me why writers are still pining for major deals. If you can meet with any kind of success going independent, why not leverage that with the royalties you've reaped rather than going the traditional route, which is fast on the decline and holds to outmoded business models. Big pubs are just now trying to turn to new trends and embrace the future, but they've yet one foot in the past. Publishers still rely too heavily on big name writers like James Patterson, Jackie Collins, Stephen King, John Grisham, and so on, betting everything on frontlist books from these authors, which in essence keep them afloat. And that has long been the case. Because of this, many up and coming writers are neglected, with too little resources devoted to their releases to make them anything other than midlist authors, or less. I can't tell you how many traditionally published authors still have to hold down day jobs in order to make ends meet, while many self-published authors live solely on royalties.

I myself designed books for one author who was making $4,000 a month on just three books he self-published via KDP and Nook (He granted me access to both accounts for the sake of research, so this is not speculation). Numbers like that crush the majority of royalties reaped by many authors whose names easily roll off our tongues. What I'm seeing is a variation of the lemming syndrome, where writers blindly follow the long-established trend of mailing countless query letters to literary agents and bowing to conventions that will allow them to be published by major publishers with mostly New York addresses. Meanwhile, there's another trend brewing, and authors like John Locke are leading it. But why join the tail end? It's still early enough to get in on the ground floor folks!