Facebook Shares Take Another Hit

It seems like a team of high-tech spies are sabotaging the market system to purposely collapse the arm of an evil conglomerate that is Facebook. LOL, you've gotta read the second and third book in the Kill Factor series to get what I'm saying here. (The third book is due out in November.) It's just that the stock has been tanking so hard since the IPO that one would think it were set up to fail following the major money grab by those who held the purse strings to begin with, leaving the suckers hard-working investors holding the bag (which is pretty much empty now). 

The price of Facebook shares hit a new low today, thanks to the fact that certain lockup agreement rules expired which restricted early stockholders from jettisoning said shares (which totaled around 271 million additional shares). And about 2 billion shares are yet to hit the market, thanks to another lockup agreement that is set to expire next May. Yeah, look for this thing to tank, hard! You'd think Doc and Augggie from my series were holed up in a high-rise office in Beijing rubbing their eyes while gazing up at a bright array of monitors detailing the action they manipulated.

Read Death Strike in November and join the fun!

- R. Vallon


Pinterest Launches iPad, Android Apps

Pinterest, currently the third most visited social network site in the US, has just launched apps for the popular iPad and Android devices, to the delight of its 10 million active users. The site allows users to quickly and easily "pin" photos and other items of interests. Just last week they also decide to drop the invite-only model and open the site up to any and all comers, which boosted the number of unique visitors to 20 million--a record for the company.

In May Pinterest announced that they managed to raise $100 million dollars through the Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten--and several others--which gives them breathing room and room to expand. The company’s estimated value is around $1.5 billion.

You can find 711 Press products on Pinterest, so please pin them!


Kill Factor Sales Bump

Thanks to James LaFleur for the kind mention last week. In a recent blog post James tied my Kill Factor series into the new Jeremy Renner spy-thriller The Bourne Legacy and it resulted in a sales bump, which I do appreciate. Thanks to all those who purchased both books over the weekend in tandem with the movie release. Hope you enjoy!

For the rest of you, it isn't too late to join in. Kill Factor and Kill Factor: Serpent Head are avaible for sale now. That said, I gotta add that this is why we write this stuff, for lovers of movies & TV. You like your entertainment short, sweet, and to the point. That where 711 Press comes in. Any Kill Factor book (in fact any of our movie books) won't take you more than an hour and a half or two hours to complete, tops. I'm so spoiled by that fact that I find to hard to read much else. I either read shorter works or magazines and newspapers nowadays, because time truly is of the essence, and people have lives to live. But we also like to read.

So try the Kill Factor series and join in on the fun!


-R. Vallon


Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Seven: Furlough

Distraught over the fact that his own team disboeyed his command to reject Riker's vaccine, King begins to regain control in his own way. First rule of order: put the East Coast 5ive on furlough. The five accept and set off to different parts of the word—Heart to China, Ace to LA, Joker off to see his autistic brother, and Jack and Diamond off on a secret lovers' getaway to an Indian reservation. What they don't know is that King is busy planning; planning to usurp Presidential candidate Senator Aldridge's control of the Order.

Find out what happens by getting your copy here.


The Bourne Legacy and Kill Factor

Just a reminder folks, if you're going to see The Bourne Legacy this weekend, you have got to, GOT TO check out Roger Vallon's Kill Factor, which was written specifically for fans of this genre. I read both books in the series so far (Kill Factor and Kill Factor: Serpent Head) and can tell you that they rock!!! You get loads of spy action, government experimentation and corporate double-dealing complete with super agents bent on killing one another over an advanced, nextgen chip that could very well be a game-changer. Great stuff!

I'll be seeing the movie this weekend, and I'll probably be digging into Kill Factor again since they're short, quick, and very entertaining reads, truly being movies in book form. And hey, I ain't just signing the guy's praises because he's a fellow author signed with the same publishing co. I'm signed with. No. His books are really that good to me. If you're truly a spy action, espionage thriller fan you'll pick 'em up.

And here's to many more films like Bourne Legacy. I live for that stuff. Matt Damon has said that he's willing to come back for another go around, perhaps with the fifth entry in the series that would be headlined by Jeremy Renner, and that would be a dream. Hoping that happens.


Wake: Amanda Hocking's New Book 

This is tooooo bizarre. 711 Press loved my one-off novel D.N.A. so much, they asked if I had any other ideas. In fact I did. I wanted to write a mermaid story, so I did a little research. Low and behold, I am looking online to see who else writes mermaid stories and I discover the book, Wake, Amanda Hocking's first book in her Watersong series. Can you say "psychic"? Reminds me of when people were saying my Werecat Saga reminded them of the Hollowmen series. I must admit, I'd never read any Hocking as the Trylle series storyline just didn't appeal to me. But I did end up reading Hollowland and Hollowmen once my Werecat Saga was released and many of my fans pointed out similarities between her novels and mine. I really enjoyed them both and now I am looking forward to her newest releases.

It looks like Amanda beat me to the punch, again, ;) but we are proceeding full throttle ahead with my new trilogy, which has nothing to do with mermaids. Regardless, someone else beat me to the punch as well. Sela Horn is a new 711 Press author who writes paranormal romances (she'll be introduced on here before long I suspect). Her first book is mermaid-related, so at least one of us will get that fish story out there. So, I'll focus on my new dark trilogy...and it's very dark, let me tell you. The first book is due out in 2013.

As for Amanda Hocking's latest book, I cannot wait to read Wake but I will put that read on the backburner until I finish some other writing projects. I am finding more and more that authors like Amanda Hocking and Riley Carney are quickly becoming some of my favs. Cheers Amanda, I am happy for your success! Hope you end up reading a few of my books and liking them too :)


Pyramids of China, Let Us In!

Considering our love of temples and pyramids, as noted in The Crisis Triology, it was inevitable that James and I would eventully become curious about the pyramids in China. There are approximately 100 pyramids, close to the city of Xi'an, in central China. Our main curiosity is on the Great White Pyramid because US Air Force pilot James Gaussman said that he had seen a white jewel on its top during World War II, but it has yet to be proven. Yet, if it were, wouldn't it have made a wondrful sci-fi story. Maybe the ancients reclaimed the jewel now that the world has discovered it. Maybe the jewel was our key to communicating with other worlds or a way to tap into free energy.


Regardless, the pyramids of Xi'an are no longer forbidden to outsiders. Many visit them while vacationing and can even visit museums which have been built around many of the pyramids. James and I may have to take the ladies on a trip to China to explore...But, if we leave the girls at home, we could sneak a bit deeper into forbidden territory and maybe discover some as yet "forbidden" structures, just as Caesar Guevara did in The Catastrophe Scroll. One can only dream. Hope our better halves don't read this, or the vacation may be over before it even begins, haha. Then again, James just got back from Disney World so who knows when this will happen...