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18 Tips to Becoming a Master Writer

You heard me, 18 tips to get you from unknown writer to published author. What are they? They are the backbone of 711 Press. When Daniel Middleton and I came together to produce books, we spent several years developing a formula to make sure we were creating a successful venture. Thus we created two models; one for the actual writing process and one that covers book design, publishing, and marketing. Those two models turned into books: The 7 Points of Write and 11 Simple Steps, which can turn an author's writing into a work of art, while showing them how to write faster and more efficiently, then get the book off the computer and onto the bookshelves. Now, for those of you who bought my 11 Secret Steps book a few years back, 11 Simple Steps was born out of that book. However, the new version is completely overhauled and gives you LOTS of free bonuses only available through this website.

Are the points and steps valuable? Hmmmm, well, after only one year, 711 Press is listed in OverDrive Media, the company that feeds digital content to public and school libraries around the globe. OverDrive doesn't accept just anyone. We are also distributed via several other sources, and our products can be found on all the major distributor sites: Amazon.com, BN.com, Google Play, etc. If you want to follow in the 711 Press footsteps, check out The 7 Points of Write by Daniel Middleton and 11 Simple Steps by yours truly, Jaime Vendera. Both are July releases for 711 and our regular movie book line resumes in August. Turn your writing dreams into reality and get ready for the workshops to follow :)