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Kill Factor Sales Bump

Thanks to James LaFleur for the kind mention last week. In a recent blog post James tied my Kill Factor series into the new Jeremy Renner spy-thriller The Bourne Legacy and it resulted in a sales bump, which I do appreciate. Thanks to all those who purchased both books over the weekend in tandem with the movie release. Hope you enjoy!

For the rest of you, it isn't too late to join in. Kill Factor and Kill Factor: Serpent Head are avaible for sale now. That said, I gotta add that this is why we write this stuff, for lovers of movies & TV. You like your entertainment short, sweet, and to the point. That where 711 Press comes in. Any Kill Factor book (in fact any of our movie books) won't take you more than an hour and a half or two hours to complete, tops. I'm so spoiled by that fact that I find to hard to read much else. I either read shorter works or magazines and newspapers nowadays, because time truly is of the essence, and people have lives to live. But we also like to read.

So try the Kill Factor series and join in on the fun!


-R. Vallon


Knight's Valor On the Way

Hello all, Ronald Coleborn here. This is my first official post on 711 Press and I just wanted to take the time to mention that I have since completed the first book in the Legends of the Dread Realm fantasy saga and have already received the edited manuscript back from Rich Dalglish. It's called Knight's Valor, and the story has been tightened up and the action improved in spots and I feel it reads quite well.

If you are a fan of high fantasy and enjoy unfolding arcs where intrigue and tension increases and characters are flung in separate directions on varying missions and travels before a series of climatic battles ensue, then you'll love this series. The Dread Realm, or Prybbia, is one of the ancient kingdoms, which threatens to usurp its sister realm, Glyssia, and cast an evil shadow over the entire landscape, but there are heroes about who seek to stop the usurpaton: knights and spirit healers given to hidden arts of dark sorcery, and warriors of renown, among others. The first book is a fun ride for all those who plan on taking the plunge, and the extended saga promises to entertain and dazzle for years to come.

Look for the first book, Knight's Valor, Friday, August 31, 2012.



So Long to the 700+ page Novel


I've got to say, I grew up on novels pushing over 700 pages, and in the past felt cheated if a book by a wordy author fell short of that mark. Take Terry Brooks for instance, author of Sword of Shannara. I've read the entire Shannara line including the Word & Void series, which had nothing to do directly with the Shannara name other than it showed how the world of Shannara eventually came to be. I remember reading through books like Sword and Elfstones and loving that it took me days, sometimes weeks to read them. And though I am sure many of his titles fell below 500 words, I was never so disappointed with page count until I read First King of Shannara, which was still nearly 500 pages. First King somehow felt short, much shorter than his 700+ page Sword epic which started the entire series. To me, it read like it barely made it past 200 pages. Years later, I understand why I felt this way.

Terry Brooks has a way of making long novels feel like short novels, allowing you to become lost in the wording and make you feel as if you're part of the Shannara world. So, I am sorry Terry for whining about First King seeming so short. Especially now that Daniel and I have started 711 Press.

Except for Terry Brooks and a select few others such as Cinda Williams Chima, I am now hooked on quick read books, or novellas if you wish to call them that. The 711 Press formula has been crafted over the past four years to unveil to our authors a very concise way to cut down novels that could take 500 pages to tell a story to as little as 1/5 the page count. "Why would someone ever do that?" you ask. "Why would an author cheat me out of 300-400 pages?" The better question is, "Why don't authors take time to craft their stories, editing and removing the fodder to turn each book into a quick, easily digestable tale of excitement that could be read in hours instead of days?"

After reading movie books by Jami Lynn Saunders, Roger Vallon, and Drusilla Winters, to name a few, I've completely changed my reading mindset. I welcome the short book and cannot fathom the thought of spending 19 hours reading a book from my favorite author when I could digest a book of equal peril and adventure in 1.9 hours. So, 711 it is for me. With that said, Terry, Cinda, I still love you guys and your books do read quicker than other long-winded authors. So, I will continue reading your books, but it won't hurt my feelings if you weed out a few hundred pages, get right to the action and allow me to read your novels in one night ;)


Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode One: Reorder

Season two of Order kicks off in a whole new territory. The 5ive are now in the eyes of the public, above ground in an entirely new headquarters on the top levels of the Freedom Tower. Hailed by the city of New York as saviors after eliminating threat after supernatural threat, Ace, Diamond, Jack, Joker and Heart are somehow able to handle the overwhelming change. But when King announces that five new team members from the West Coast are being forced into the club, it doesn't sit well with the original 5ive. Diamond, in her usual fashion, decides to break the new members in, Diamond style. All seems to unfold well as the teams discover one another's unique powers and they explore their new headquarters together.

This episode prepares you for things to come in the eciting second season of Order of 5ive. Get your copy here.


Keep the Great Reviews Coming People

We love great reviews of our various titles, particularly glowing ones from fans of our releases who we haven't approached. Spontaneous reviews from folks who love what we put out and yearn for more is what keeps us going. And this recent review, from a reader calling himself "MattyV" deserves a major mention by us. He gushed about the first season of Mafiosi in a June 8 blog post and in his words, it's a hit (no pun intended). Some of what he said appears below:

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for, but let me tell you it was incredible. Following the tale of two up-and-coming mafiosi, Vin & Paul, we see them move up the ranks of one of the biggest crime familes in New York, the Paranzano family. I don’t want to go into detail because it ruins the story, what I can say is that even though there were some slow periods this serialized story kept me riveted. I will end up re-reading the collection later this summer in preparation for season two that is promised to be released in October.

If you liked the first half of “Goodfellas” that took place in the 1950′s-60′s, then you’ll like “Mafiosi – Season One” for sure.

For one, what he says about the show evoking Goodfellas is spot on. This is what we were going for initially, and we feel we've channeled that and other great films and TV shows that depict the mafia in its various stages of evolution. As to the "slow periods" he mentions, hey, the show can't be all guns and heists and schemes and war. You've got to break it up. That is the art of storytelling, else readers will be overwhelmed by all that and even risk becoming desensitized to it. Mafiosi is carefully plotted and paced, and its good to know that that paid off, since MattyV was, in his words, "riveted."

Mafiosi will indeed make its return on Monday, October 1, 2012, pop the Chianti and prepare for the drama. Till then, you can check out the first season here. And look for the season one omnibus in print and eBook format this September.


Europe or Bust

Summer is in the air, and there are so many things I want to do this year. A European vacation is definitely in the cards, especially since the euro has taken a hit, making the currency exchange rate more favorable (no offense to hard-hit Eurozone countries, particularly those that comprise PIGS). Plus I've been delving into European culture so much due to my exotic Kill Factor settings that I'm growing kind of nostagic toward a few beloved ciites I've visited in the past. So I'm probably going to start making travel plans and thinking about crossing the pond for a lovely two-week stay. Wherever me and the wife end up, you can be sure it will figure nicely into a future Kill Factor book, since my publisher Daniel Middleton stresses writing "from a place of experience." And I couldn't agree more.

I've never been to Ireland, but I've visited Scotland on several occassions (I have cousins in England). Eidenburgh is a must-see. The architecture, the culture and history . . . all wonderful. Scotland, however, is not known for its food. You won't see any fancy Scottish restaurants in New York or L.A. So be warned, but the country, despite its terrible weather and so-so food, is quite lovely. Italy I can't say enough about: the scenary, food, wine, its people . . . to die for. France is downright charming, its countrsides, particularly Provence, simply breathtaking. But, I plan on seeing new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new people. Here's to that.

-R. Vallon


More History on the Temple From Crisis Artifact...

Ah, another golden question. Many want to know more about the mysical black pyramid from The Crisis Trilogy. How did the Ancients know how to build it? Where did it truly originate? Was it on Earth? Are there any more? Well, with all 711 Press titles, be it TV books or movie books, key aspects of stories are subject to reappear here and there from time to time. And concerning the temple, you haven't seen the last of it. Being a 711 Press author allows me access to stories way in advance of release and I'm able to be a part of the creative process where other authors are concerned. So I can assure you, the temple will reappear right around the corner. As for which TV or movie book it will make its appearance in, that I will not reveal, you'll just have to buy them all to find out, haha. However, once you find it, a little more light will be shed on the true purpose of the temple and whether or not it originated when Caesar Guevara saw it in The Catastrophe Scroll, or in another eon. We'll also learn whether the amazing temple of Peru is the only one in existence, as it could be one of thousands ;)

Look for clues in one of our current releases.