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iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire: An Author/Reader/Musician's Review

As an author, book producer, avid reader, and recording musician, I decided it was my duty to do a review of the iPad and Kindle Fire for those of you who are on the fence as to whether to go team Apple or team Amazon. Ironically, I own the original iPad, a Kindle 3 with an e-ink screen, and most recently received the Kindle Fire as a present (not to mention my iPhone). Yes, I know that it seems like tablet overload, but I'm not complaining. I actually use every device I own, especially since I produce fiction books for 711 Press and write books for Vendera Publishing. So, if you're on the fence about which to buy, this review is a simple breakdown of my thoughts on each tablet, which I hope will help you decide the best choice for you. Let's start with the tablet screen:

 If you prefer a larger screen, especially for watching movies on Netflix, the 9.7-inch screen on the iPad does offer easier viewing over the 7-inch screen on the Kindle Fire. At 132 pixels per inch via iPad versus 169 pixels per inch via Kindle Fire, I haven't noticed much difference in quality. So, if screen size doesn't matter, this isn't a deal breaker. Viewing movies on either screen is enjoyable. The quality is crisp and clean on both tablets. Speaking of movies, if watching streaming videos is your thing, Amazon Prime ($79.00 per year) does offer free movie streaming similar to Netflix, which is just one of the perks for Amazon Prime. (I'll discuss more perks shortly). 

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Reviewers for Kill Factor

The Gist

Our Reviewer Drive continues this month with a quest to find reviewers for Roger Vallon's Kill Factor. So if you're a willing Amazon Kindle book reviwer, sign up to receive this title for reivew. The rules are simple. The first 15 people to respond to this post will receive a copy of Kill Factor via email. To be considered for the free Kindle gift, you must go to our Contact Page, fill out the form, and enter "Kindle Reviewer" in the Title of Your Subject box. That's it!

Bear in mind that we are looking for fans of Spy fiction/Action that is loaded with tongue-in-cheek conspiracy elements. (See more book details here.) If this sounds like your flavor, send us a line in keeping with the rules above and you'll make the list. If the book doesn't interest you, please do not contact us.

Things to Know

We need all reviewers to post on Amazon, but if you can add the same review to your blog, or other book-friendly sites like Goodreads, that would be super, but you're not obligated to go beyond Amazon itself.

A Kindle download link will be sent to the same email you used to contact us. Once you've received the book, you will have a whole month to review same (hey, it won't take you more than an hour and a half to read the thing, and it's a FUN hour and a half!). In order to receive future books in the series, you'll have to actually post a thoughtful review. (See an example here.)

You're not obligated to post a five-star review. But if you're posting a two-star, we'll take that as a sign that our books are not up your alley and we'll part ways. If you do like our stuff, chances are we'll keep sending you more, IF you keep posting thoughtful reviews.

So, feel free to sign up and become a 711 Press Reviewer! We're waiting for you. . . .


Crisis Artifact Giveaway

On Friday, December 16, 711 Press will be giving away The Crisis Artifact, the first book in the Crisis Trilogy FREE on Kindle. So if you have a Kindle, or if you download your Kindle app of choice, you'll have access to a dynamic Movie Book title that will launch you into one of our finest Sci-Fi/Action series to date.

Look for the promotional freebie starting at midnight (PST). And pick it up anytime on either Friday or Saturday. This is open to all fans, not just reviewers, so be sure to get your copy while the promotion runs. And if you like it, post a review.

If fan reaction is strong enough, we'll do more promotions in the near future. So we're looking to hear from you lovers of fiction out there! Movie fans will do also, as these are really movies in book form, as our slogan states, so it will only take you a couple hours to read.



Free Chapters & Free Episodes on All 711 Titles!

In the spirit of giving, 711press.com is now updated with free chapters from each of our Movie Book titles, and free Kindle, Nook and Google editions of the first episodes on our TV book series are live. Each Movie Book page on 711press.com features a "READ SAMPLE CHAPTER" link below the book synopsis, and links to free copies are available on each TV book page.



The Crisis Trilogy (Sci-Fi & Fantasy)

Book I - http://711press.com/the-crisis-artifact/

Book II - http://711press.com/the-chaos-pendulum/

Book III - http://711press.com/the-catastrophe-scroll/


Kill Factor (Spy Action & Adventure)




Moment of Death Trilogy (Horror)

Book I - http://711press.com/flight-666/

Book II - http://711press.com/long-cold-winter/   

Book III - Coming 2012


Werecat Saga (YA Sci-Fi & Horror)

Book I - http://711press.com/feral/

Books II & III - Coming 2012



You can also download the first episode in each of our TV book series for free via Kindle, Nook, and Google editions at the following links:

Order of 5ive Episode Zero: Origins (Action and Adventure)



Mafiosi Episode One: Beginnings (Crime Drama)



Age of the Sigil Episode One:  Return of the Sigil (YA Fantasy & Adventure)


(NOTE: This episode is live though Season One doesn’t officially launch until Monday, January 2, 2012. Currently, Episode One is listed at $0.99, but the price will be listed as free by end of December 2011.)


Blackmail on the Mean Streets of New York

Can you spell blackmail? Vincenzo can.... When the new gentleman's club suffers a drastic drop off in clientele, Carlo saves face by ordering a temporary shutdown, arguing that it's better to lose a few night's earnings than appear like a flock of fools in the face of all of New York. Antoinette knows the answer to the substantial loss in club attendance. Her own list of high profile politicians, CEOs, and celebrities have refused to pay for her high-class eye candy, leaving Vincenzo with only one choice: Blackmail! Antoinette at first seems nervous about his decision on handling the situation, but quickly learns to trust the young hood when his new scheme begins to take root.

But while all this is happening, Paul is nowhere to be found, and when Carlo suggests that Paul replace the Rhino in the field, Vincenzo covers up his cousin's dark secret, which has kept him off the radar for weeks.


The Future is Episodic Fiction

Back in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, there was a trend that kept readers hanging on to the edge of their seats. That trend was "serialized stories," which were heavily promoted in many major magazines of the day. What is the serial? A Wikipedia article on serials, which can be found here has this to say:

  • In literature, a serial is a publishing format by which a single large work, most often a work of narrative fiction, is presented in contiguous (typically chronological) installments—also known as numbers, parts, or fascicles—either issued as separate publications or appearing in sequential issues of a single periodical publication.[1] More generally, serial is applied in library and information science to materials "in any medium issued under the same title in a succession of discrete parts, usually numbered (or dated) and appearing at regular or irregular intervals with no predetermined conclusion. 

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Reviewers for Feral

Hi all! I've finally got my 711 Press blog working and I'd like to use my first post to ask that all reviewers of YA sci-fi out there reach out and lend me a hand. You'll get a free copy of my new book, Feral, by contacting us. Please read this post and follow the simple instructions. Feral is coming out on November 30th, but reviewers will receive copies of the Kindle book the day before. Spots are still open, so there's still time to sign up.

The book involves werecats, wild, ravenous beings called ferals, action, adventure, a dash of romance, epic quests across barren, dangerous wastelands, and more! Please sign up! But only if you're interested.

Jami Lynn

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