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The Chaos Pendulum Releases Tomorrow

Chaos Pendulum, book 2 in our Crisis Trilogy is officially out tomorrow! Pick it up. You're in for a wild ride. The fan base is steadily building for the trilogy, and James and I couldn't be happier. I think that by the time Catastrophe hits later this year, the groundswell will pretty much be in place. This has been one of the best writing experiences of my life, and the early fan reaction means the world to me. It tells me you all get it! Thanks to all those who have supported our efforts thus far.


The Catastrophe is Upon Us . . .

I just had to jump in here and drop a few lines about what went down today. I'm happy to report that we've put the fininshing touches on the third book in The Crisis Trilogy, and it is a whale of a good time (but not necessarily for the characters, lol). Anywho, the book (and I'm talking about The Catastrophe Scroll for those of you who're wondering) is high octane, out-of-this-world (literally!), non-stop-action, thrills, chills, hair-raisin' revelations, and plain ol' fun!

We're on course for an August release (and yes, we're planning on making the deadline, Roger Vallon, eh hem!). So while the second book is set to launch on Friday, as planned, we're so excited about the third book and finishing this grand story arc that I had to pop in here and share. Book two is a blast too, by the way. That one takes the action and story elements of the first book and shoves it over a cliff. But enough about that. I've gotta get back to work, folks! Till next time.


Delay in Kill Factor

While Kill Factor was planned for an April release date, I informed the publishers that I wanted to rework scenes in the movie book for the sake of a more compelling story. Things needed to be tightened up and I felt--and the publishers agreed--that the end needed to be reworked, if not rewritten altogether. Granted, this is a new arena for me, as 711 Press is attempting something quite unheard of with the "Movies & TV in Book Form" concept, and I'll be remiss if I let them down. These titles are supposed to be fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thrill rides, as it is often repeated to me, and I aim to deliver just that.

Thank you all for your continued patience as I hammer out the kinks. But I do believe the end result will be a satisfying one.

- R. Vallon.


I think my publisher has lost it!

Hey guys, I am so happy to see that the release of our book, The Crisis Artifact has already gotten some attention. But the most unsettling thing is to see what one of our publishers, Jaime Vendera, has done to promote the book:

Still, I did enjoy it, and I am glad the little gremlin did as well:)


Kill Factor in Full Throttle

Just wanted to let all of the new 711 Press fans know that Daniel and I are hard at work with our authors to release several great books this year. We are currently wrapping up book #2 for 711 Press, which is called Kill Factor. The book trailor will be released in April. Kill Factor author Roger Vallon is an amazing writer. His writing puts me in mind of Ian Fleming with a little more aggression. If you like movies like the Bourne Trilogy, you'll love this spy adventure in book form.


Awaiting the Crisis

Hello all, Massie here:)

I just wanted to pop in and say that both James and myself are extremely thrilled to be a part of 711 Press, and are very thankful that Mr. Middleton and Mr. Vendera took a chance with our "out of this world" story line. The Crisis Trilogy was an amazing adventure to dream up and I think we've brought our tales from our youth to life. I am excited for the release of all three books in the series, and only wish that everyone knew how it ended, like we do, haha.

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