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My New Series is Coming Along Nicely

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I've decided to grace 711 Press with a brand new adventure, which will be unveiled next year (still can't get over the long wait myself, trust me). But it will be a whopper of a story. I'm all about mystery and detecting so that will figure into my series. Yes I said series, folks. No one-offs for the kid. This series, however, will be a departure from the Kevin Bailey book A Dirty Business, a series which is now on hiatus thanks to the new deal I signed with 711 Press a few months back. Things are looking up and I'm excited to be writing within their universe, since all of the Movie and TV Books exist there. Avid 711 readers must know this by now, however.

At any rate, look for the bizarre and downright mysterious, as I plan on delving into uncharted territory with this one. We're talking voodoo, hexes, psychic abilities, government conspiracies and cover-ups (hey, it wouldn't be a 711 Press product without 'em) and much, much more. I believe I've created a strong, mystrious protagonist with a dark past that should intrigue new readers and longtime fans alike for years to come.

Keep you posted.



A Dirty Business - My Feelings on the Negative Reviews

Been checking out the mixed reviews for my first release, and while I can agree with some aspects of a few of the negative ones, the majority of them are suspect. When I consider how much work and editing went into A Dirty Business, and given all the good reviews and feedback I've gotten from many, I can't justify the comments of a few people who were turned off by a book that they disliked mainly because they could not readily identify with it. The character speaks a certain way, comes from a certain background, and essentially loves to describe things. Anyone familiar with the proven form of the classic detective novel will readily appreciate the descriptive narrative. Too many folks today want terse Hemingway-like sentences, and stories that move at a good clip, start to finish.

While I'm all for that at times, I also like stories that I can cozy up to; stories that slowly unfold and draw me into them via the revelations of the central character and his or her varied interactions with supporting ones. Also, when writing from a first person perspective, as I've done with A Dirty Business, one is limited to whatever the protagonist sees, as he or she also doubles as the narrator. Those who are not comfortable with the semi-restricted (POV-wise) detail-laden world of first person narratives should not read such books, as they are going in with well established, preconceived notions. And that will spoil any reading experience.


Joe Humphrey is in the House

Well, it's official, I finally got around to signing those contracts and having the extended Skype meetings about future projects with the heads of 711 Press, Daniel Middleton and Jaime Vendera. And I'm pleased with the way things are going. I know I've been out of the game for a while but I've had a lot of time to develop stories and think about a direction for the things I plan to bring to the table, so look for new material from me early 2013! Yep, I said 2013. Turns out the 711 Press schedule  is fully booked for 2012 so I won't make my debut here till next year, unfortunately. (These guys run a tight ship! LOL)

In the meantime, I'll be blogging my thoughts and insights (if you can call them that) on the official 711 Press Blog, so catch me here from now on. The Blogger addy is going to stay up but it is dead from here on out. I'll be importing what little I posted there though, but new blogs will go up from time to time. (Yeah, they also enforce that here too, but ya ain't heard it from me.)

Holla at ya soon, people.