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What Ever Happened to Caesar Guevara's Kids?

*Spoiler Alert*

A fan wrote to ask if we planned to do another Crisis Trilogy following the lives of Caesar and Anna's kids, now being raised by Lionel Galton, Adelaide, and their "uncle" Fiero. James and I never planned to elaborate on this, but, hey, you never know. I'll make you a deal. If you help us sell one million copies each of Crisis Artifact, Chaos Pendulum, and Catastrophe Scroll, then I GUARANTEE you that James and I will revisit the world of Crisis and whip out another trilogy based on the kids in their teens that will make the original Crisis Trilogy look tame by comparison. 

I'm pretty sure we still have over 900,000 copies of each book to go... I'll notify you when we hit the million-copy mark and let you know we've started writing ;)


The Crisis Trilogy is complete with the release of the Catastrophe Scroll

And so the journey of Caesar Guevera comes to an end....The fallen archaeologist has risen from the ashes in the first book of the trilogy, "The Crisis Artifact" to find the key to saving our world from devastation. He traveled the world to conquer the tasks that would provide him with the knowledge to save the world in the second book, "The Chaos Pendulum". And now, in the third installment, "The Catastrophe Scroll," Caesar must complete his destined path in order to save his wife, Anna, the true bearer of the Scroll of knowledge, which has the ability to save-or-destroy the world. Will he succeed or will Anna Guevera destroy us forever?

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