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Phoenix Earth: Episode Twelve

In a last ditch effort to save Sariana Saraya's life, Liere Riele opts for a blood transfusion between the two of them, now that she is part Ascendant herself after self-injecting a DNA sample found on the moon base. When the plan fails, Andas Reigh offers one last chance of hope: immersing Sariana in the mystical beam of light within the temple. Meanwhile, Kaci Saraya has helped Ship Three to successfully return to Earth. Now on the moon, he's uncovered an ancient weapon, an energy cannon that is fueled by the temple itself, but he must figure out how to make it work before the Malakaran warships and the planet eaters find them. With an inevitable war on the horizon, and the life of a young girl hanging in the balance, the fleet of Maluans, Malakarans, and humans must carry on, prepared to face their possible demise.

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I am sooooo excited to see the new movie, Prometheus. I've long believed they needed a beginning to Ridley Scott's Alien series. I am such a fan of the entire franchise and I even liked the Alien versus Predator movies, though I was worried they'd be corny like Feddy versus Jason. Surprisingly, they made sense. But, now my yearning for answers to the origins of the Alien species is about to become reality. It only makes me want to write a horror story based in space. Maybe someday, but right now the galaxy belongs to our 711 authors, Ronald Coleborn and Melvyn Riley, who are just finishing up the Phoenix Earth season one tv book series. Maybe we'll all eventually co-author a space horror trilogy similar to Alien, Event Horizon and Pandorum. I'm game ;) They can write the space adventure, and I'll pepper it with my sick and twisted tales, haha.

Dru out.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Eleven

When the Ascendants offer to help Lorien's people survive a possible attack from another race, things begin to take a turn for the worse. The energy signature between the moon and Earth temple continues to build while a team of Maluan scientists, led by Liere Reile, unsuccessfully searches for a solution to sever the connection. Meanwhile, Sariana Saraya, now a stowaway, is clinging to life, having become infected by the deadly virus meant to protect the Earth temple. And far across the galaxy, Kaci Saraya continues to build an NTIRT transformer that will reunite Ship Three with her brethren. But as the transformer nears completion, the ship, captained by Mon Terrance, falls under attack by two Malakran warships.

Who'll live, who'll die in the episode? Only one way to find out. Buy Episode Eleven here


D.N.A. Is Here!

Jami Lynn Saunders releases her fourth book today, D.N.A. - David Noble, Alienwhich is a departure from her apocalyptic trilogy, the Werecat Saga. In D.N.A., teen recluse David Noble is suddenly plagued by nightmares of alien abduction, and it doesn't take long before he realizes that some dreams do come true. David is genetically altered and is soon bonded to a being from a distant galaxy, and this allows him to tap into ancient knowledge that is now hidden in his subconscious; knowledge that allows him to devise a way to help his ancestor from another planet escape the horrors of dissection and examination by the US government and return home. Not only must David build a device required for interdimensional travel, he must also deal with the death of his father and elude a secret society of government agents without being killed. Now half alien, only David Noble holds the key to freeing his ancestor, whose sole purpose in coming to Earth was to present David with the means to prevent humans from destroying their planet.

This standalone tale will thrill fans of E.T. The Extraterrestrial and J.J. Abrams's Super 8. It is a whimiscal, sci-fi adventure told through the eyes of teenagers caught in the middle of a government conspiracy. Self-discovery is at the heart of D.N.A., as David Noble comes to understand, fully, who he really is and what he is capable of.

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Is Earth a Suitable Home for Aliens?

Alas, Phoenix Earth is unfolding as episode four hits the Kindle bookshelves. In this episode, we learn that life for the remaining Maluans and humans is tough, seeing they are on the brink of destruction. As the day of departure arrives, the Veracitor of Malakar mysteriously dies and the cross-bred survivors fall prey to a full-on attack of three Malakaran warships, forcing them to make a decision that may still cost them their lives, that being whether or not to leap to Earth at the speed of thought. But, even millions of miles away from their attackers, will Earth prove any less a danger? Will the near dead planet be ready to accept human life once again, let alone a new alien race? Find out in Phoenix Earth episode four. Purchase your copy here.


Traveling to Earth at the Speed of Thought

Heads up Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica fans, Phoenix Earth episode three has hit the digital bookshelves. In this episode, Elena Saraya secretly enters the OutReach confine disguised as a Maluan, friends on the inside help to hide her with hundreds of other Malakarans. A distraught Lorien Saraya also finds a sliver of hope when his daughter is returned to him, though he is kept in the dark regarding his wife’s plans. Plagued by dreams of the extinction of the human and Maluan races, Lorien’s sister, Adriana Saraya, studies ancient theories in the Malakaran archives and devises a plan to leap across the universe in a new way. With only weeks before departure, Lorien, Adriana, and Commander Ontonio Bequieus work together in secret to prepare their brethren for a leap that is more fantasy than reality.

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Phoenix Earth: Episode Two

Phoenix Earth is back with episode two of this space action drama. In this episode, a fatal bombing kills hundreds of Malakarans in the city of OutReach, forcing the overbearing Veracitor of Malakar to confine all remaining humans and Maluans to a retired OutReach spaceport. The confined citizens are then forced to live and work for months while preparing seven ships for departure. When Lorien Saraya’s wife disappears, he knows it is a planned abduction by her own father, the Veracitor himself. As a result, new plans are formed to secretly stowaway hundreds of Malakarans who oppose the relocation decree and wish to leave the planet as well.

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