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Paladins of Shannara: Allanon's Quest

Wow, Terry Brooks is another great writer, the grandfather of them all; Chima, Carney etc. should surely be paying homage to the writer of the wonderful Shannara series. Though many say Brooks stole from Tolkein, I see a lot more imagery in Brooks' writing myself. Anyhow, Mr. Brooks has just released another short story (it's about time). Paladin's of Shannara is a wonderful short read, the length of two episodes of a 711 Press TV book, though not written in the same style. It chronicles Allanon's seach for the last remaining Shannara heir, the one destined to wield the sword again. I loved this little story and hope Terry keeps it up. But until his next mini-release, I guess I'll reread all of Age of the Sigil in anticipation for next years second season.