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Archaeologists Find Giants?

Oh how I wish people would put away photoshop for those of us who are gullible. For years I have been fascinated by the Nephilim and am always Googling for the latest info on supposed giants. I was very excited in 2010 when the pictures of the giant bones surfaced after a rare find in Greece. However, being the sceptic that I am, I kept my excitement to a minium as I dug deeper for the truth. Lo and behold, I was nearly duped. Since I haven't found any proof of the existence of the Nephilim besides my belief in the Bible, I guess I'll just have to convince James that we need to write a movie book on the subject ;)


History of Atlantis

So, I'm digging Stargate Atlantis, and it got me thinking about the old tales of the sunken city. I did as I always do; I dove right into the subject headfirst, read stuff from Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, did scientific research via Google and in the end, all it did was drive me crazy until I convinced James to add a bit of Atlantean adventure to Shifters, which comes out in September. It seemed like a daunting project because of the way we structured our latest book, but I assured him it would deliver the magic of the Crisis Trilogy to all our fans. So, I promise you, Shifters won't let you down. In it, you'll learn the truth of Atlantis and discover how the pyramids were really created—well, at least our version, anyway. So, thank you O' tales of Atlantis; you've helped to inspire us to make our stories even better.


I nominate Indiana Jones for teacher....and father of the year

Growing up in Wales wasn't as fun as you'd think. Many of my American friends tend to believe that every place in Europe is a scenic adventure...Not the case. My dad was a great dad, but he was on the road a lot, so we didn't get to do a lot of the father/son things like exploring, fishing, etc. My mum did do what she could to keep my hyper-active mind, well, busy. Usually we'd spend time together reading books, watching movies, doing jigsaw puzzles, etc. I feel for my mum, because my mind required consant attention.

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