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711 Press publishes first space opera

With the rise of space epics over the past few years with the relaunch of Battlestar Galactica, and now Disney buying the rights to Star Wars, as well as new movies such as After Earth, Oblivion, and Elysium hitting the big screen, 711 Press has joined the ranks with the release of Phoenix Earth. The first complete season is now available with the second complete season to be released at the end of June, 2013. Phoenix Earth is another show in our TV Book line, featuring episodic titles which are compiled to form a full TV Book season. That's 13 action-packed episodes (or "bookisodes") in all. Each one will take you roughly 30 minutes to read.

About This Season:

After the final cataclysm claimed Earth, and seeding failed on Mars, the surviving humans had only one choice—seek out a new planet or die. Eventually, the surviving humans discovered Malakar, a small planet millions of miles away. In time, the two races merged, creating a new breed called Maluan. However, racism soon spread throughout the planet and the human and Maluans faced total extinction by evil Malakarans known as Creks. In a politically charged move to sweep the planet clean of all non-purebloods, the descendants of the human race are forced off Malakar to relocate to a planet dubbed X67 by Malakaran authorities. What unfolds is a maniacal scheme to destroy the Maluans and humans before they reach their new home, forcing them to leap at the speed of thought to a dead planet no one has seen in more than five hundred years: Earth. 
Phoenix Earth follows the lives of an eclectic group as they bond together to stay alive and begin anew as they discover new alien races and struggle to help Earth rise from the ashes.

Phoenix Earth Finale

And so the climactic end to Phoenix Earth Season One is here, and it won't leave you disappointed.

An inevitable full force attack by both the Malakarans and a race known as the Zyntoque’r’eh (alien planet eaters) is only days away as Earth's new inhabitants prepare to face the toughest challenge of their lives. Their key to survival lies in an ancient weapon found in an abandoned moon base, but, unfortunately, the weapon has apparently never worked. Tensions mount when the surviving Maluans, humans, and Ascendants learn that the attack will come sooner than expected. Can the united races discover the keys to the mysterious pyramids on the Earth and moon, unlock the secrets to using the ancient weapon and prepare their people to face their attackers before their end is upon them? Find out in Phoenix Earth Episode Thirteen, which you can purchase here.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Twelve

In a last ditch effort to save Sariana Saraya's life, Liere Riele opts for a blood transfusion between the two of them, now that she is part Ascendant herself after self-injecting a DNA sample found on the moon base. When the plan fails, Andas Reigh offers one last chance of hope: immersing Sariana in the mystical beam of light within the temple. Meanwhile, Kaci Saraya has helped Ship Three to successfully return to Earth. Now on the moon, he's uncovered an ancient weapon, an energy cannon that is fueled by the temple itself, but he must figure out how to make it work before the Malakaran warships and the planet eaters find them. With an inevitable war on the horizon, and the life of a young girl hanging in the balance, the fleet of Maluans, Malakarans, and humans must carry on, prepared to face their possible demise.

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Phoenix Earth: Episode Eleven

When the Ascendants offer to help Lorien's people survive a possible attack from another race, things begin to take a turn for the worse. The energy signature between the moon and Earth temple continues to build while a team of Maluan scientists, led by Liere Reile, unsuccessfully searches for a solution to sever the connection. Meanwhile, Sariana Saraya, now a stowaway, is clinging to life, having become infected by the deadly virus meant to protect the Earth temple. And far across the galaxy, Kaci Saraya continues to build an NTIRT transformer that will reunite Ship Three with her brethren. But as the transformer nears completion, the ship, captained by Mon Terrance, falls under attack by two Malakran warships.

Who'll live, who'll die in the episode? Only one way to find out. Buy Episode Eleven here


Phoenix Earth: Episode Ten

Adriana Saraya, Dyzm’nd and Liere Riele enter the mysterious third level of the moon base to discover a temple identical to one found on Earth. A simple mistake brings the temple to life, releasing an ancient power source that can not only rebuild, but also bring about their demise. As the storms pass on Earth, James McCullum and his men emerge unscathed after being saved by a new group of friends. But their friends warn them of the impending danger on the moon. Now, the Maluans may have to face the possibility of the Malakaran nation discovering their whereabouts in addition to a new and entirely hostile alien race as well. Across the universe, Kaci races to save the inhabitants of Ship Three before they are annihilated by the pursuing Malakaran warships. 

Discover Earth through a whole new set of eyes as she rises from the ashes by clicking here


Phoenix Earth: Episode Nine

When communications are disabled by a mysterious signal from Phoenix Earth, Commander Bequieus sends a team to Earth to recover their fallen brethren. After they land, the bodies go missing and the teams are forced to take cover when a ferocious storm that can rip the skin from a man’s body rolls in from nowhere. The recovery mission, now forced to wait out the storm, are left wondering if their friends are already dead. Meanwhile, on the moon, Liere Riele discovers the secret for unlocking the vault to the third level, but the price of entrance may change her life forever. And trouble mounts when a signal from the stranded Ship Three, stuck three light years from Earth, discovers they are being chased by Malakaran warships. But, Kaci Saraya cannot accept their fate, knowing his daughter is aboard the ship. Racing across the universe in a transporter retrofitted with Negative Ionic Transduced Resonant Technology, he makes a desperate attempt to rescue the doomed space vessel, hoping his own transporter doesn’t fall apart from the force before he reaches his destination.

Live your own space adventure by diving into the pages of Phoenix Earth by clicking here.


Phoenix Earth: Episode Eight

A day on Earth grows dark and emotions rise when Lorien Saraya is forced to take on more responsibility than he can handle. Meanwhile, Liere Riele struggles to decode the key to entering the hidden level on the moon base, and the entire Earth crew falls prey to a deadly virus. Back on Malakar, the murders continue while Kane prepares to leave for Earth. And Commander Bequeius feels the pressures as well, knowing Ship Three may be lost forever after learning their generators are damaged. To make matters worse, the commander and captains are forced to watch from space as a horroric scene plays out, that of their dying brethren on Earth being gutted by strange human savages.

For those who live for the thrill of intrigue presented in space-based sci-fi adventures like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Universe, Phoenix Earth will continue the thrill ride. Click here to begin the adventure.