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711 Press Launches Fourth TV Book Series: Phoenix Earth

711 Press has officially launched a new TV Book series. Phoenix Earth is a sci-fi series along the lines of great shows such as BattleStar Galactica, Star Gate Universe and Star Trek. This riveting series follows the lives of the Maluans, a cross-bred race of humans and Malakarans, as they are forced off their home planet, Malakar. In order to survive an inevitable Malakaran attack fueled by prejudice and hate, led by their own brethren, the small fleet of Maluans leap across the universe at the speed of thought toward the planet of their ancestors--Earth. It has been five hundred years since an all-out war on Earth known as the Final Catyclysm destroyed much of the planet, and the fleet isn't sure that Earth can now sustain life. Even more alarming are the secrets they uncover when they arrive.

Phoenix Earth is a politically-fueled space adventure full of action-packed imagery with elements of mystery. Start living the life of a Maluan and discover the world of Phoenix Earth by clicking here.


TV Can Improve Your Writing

Been wathching a lot of television lately (it's okay; 711 Press encourages that). Watching good TV, they say, helps to get the creative juices flowing; put you in the right mood for writing. I've certainly experienced that, and I've been thinking very cinematically of late. Most of my TV-watching is restricted to DVD though, as I search for the past gems that have long gone dark on the airwaves and now find renewed life via Netflix streaming and DVD viewing. The Shield is one such show, and I can say for certain that the serialized, episodic style that they've chosen for the shows unfolding story arc works wonders. You can imagine a good book unfolding that seamlessly, and that is exactly what I saw with a recent TV show released by 711 Press called Mafiosi. It took the 13-episode arc (similar to that of The Shield) and unrolled an entirely seamless series of events peppered with drama, action, suspense, mafia hijinks, and so much more. In short, it had my imagination swimming. (It reads more like a serialized Goodfellas than The Shield though).

That's what I'm learning here. Storytelling should be a fluid, kinetic experience (and of course "kinesis" refers to motion, and activity, meaning nothing about your story should be stagnant). That is one major tip I'm allowed to give away. You can learn a lot by sitting down and watching TV (so says 711 Press co-founder Daniel Middleton, who stresses this on a monthly basis). But you can't just watch it for entertainment. You have to become a student of storytelling. Catch the flow of dialogue, gauge the story arc and plot momentum, etc. If you can capture half of the wonderful essence of shows like The Wire, The Shield, or even Battlestar Galactica, you'd have pure gold on your hands.

But it ain't easy, let me tell you, and even when you THINK you've got it down cold, your editor or publisher will tut-tut while shaking their head as their eyes run down the pages of your manuscript. "You're overreaching here." "This character is introduced without purpose." "Some of the dialogue is stilted." "Let's rework this." More often than not though, I do get a, "This is brilliant. You get what we're all about here, Joe."

Pays to learn is all I'm saying.


Cover Reveals: Order of 5ive & Phoenix Earth


Order of 5ive returns this year with an explosive season 2 that picks up right where season 1 left off. The landscape may have changed somewhat, but the quirky, charming, and fun-loving teen heroes are back with a vengeance, as they are pitted against more hairy, mythological monsters and wild creatures of the night. The conspiracies deepen as well, and old enemies evolve into even greater threats as they amass power, raising the stakes for election year 2012!






And entering the fray this year is Phoenix Earth, our inaugural, full-on space opera/sci-fi entry. With this series, 711 Press goes beyond the usual frontiers, reaching out to bold new territory with an intriguing, politically-charged, action-packed, and entertaining TV book series that is sure to delight fans of the genre. If you loved Battlestar Galactica as we did, you'll wanna catch this show in April--but don't look for Cylons in this series. We're talkin' alien planet and future Earth. 'Nuff said!

See you next cover reveal!

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