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Order of 5ive The Complete First Season Now Available

Relive the adventures of the Order of 5ive by snatching up your copies of the complete first season, available in print from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or Kindle and ePub format for Nook and Google Play. And look for the library editions in about two weeks, via OverDrive!

The Kindle UK Edition is also live, with more versions rolling out over the course of the next two weeks. This is in preparation of our big season 2 launch, which kicks off Monday, July 2nd with an explosive season 2 opener that picks up right where season 1 left off. The landscape may have changed somewhat (along with a few enemies) but the quirky, charming, and fun-loving teen heroes are back with a vengeance, as they are pitted against more hairy, mythological monsters and wild creatures of the night. The conspiracies deepen as well, and old enemies evolve into even greater threats as they amass power, raising the stakes for election year 2012!

This omnibus features all 13 action-packed episodes from the first season, including the bonus episodes "Origins," which details the beginnings of the Order Project and "Vacation," which shows yet another unique side to our teen heroes, this time in the beautiful Bahamas.

You can also visit the official Order of 5ive product page.


The Crisis Artifact Goes Live on Nook

If you own a Barnes & Noble Nook, then today is your lucky day. The Crisis Artifact, the first in a planned trilogy is now available for purchase. So don't miss out on the thrilling start of what will be a monumental, larger-than-life saga that features adventure, perlious treks, treasure hunts, and epic battles between the forces of good and evil. Learn the secrets of the ancient artifact that has the power to destroy or save the world, and witness the struggle of opposing forces as they move to seize control of it.  . . .