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711 Press Formula For Writing Success Now Released to the Public

It is official! After four years of development, 711 Press producers, Daniel Middleton and Jaime Vendera have decided to release their books on the formulas for writing success. The first and last non-fiction books published through 711 Press, The 7 Points of Write and 11 Simple Steps will each focus on the issues that matter most to writers. We lay out the "how-to's" of the art of writing as well as the guidelines for getting your book published, and the best ways to promote your book once it is released.

The 7 Points of Write is an unorthodox approach to fiction writing that will turn you into a creative writing machine in no time using the 711 Press approach to crafting compelling stories full of intrigue, adventure, heart-felt emotion, and captivating dialogue. In 11 Simple Steps you'll learn the ins and outs to taking your finished product from your laptop to the bookshelves in record time, learning concepts for writing, designing, self-publishing, and marketing your very own book.

Combining the knowledge within the pages of both books will guide you from your initial thought to full-fledged author, making the process virtually painless. When you've decided that you're serious about becoming a bonafide author, The 7 Points of Write and 11 Simple Steps will put you one step closer to making it a reality! The rest is up to you. . . .


Your Book Cover Says it All

Being part of the 711 Press team, I have quickly learned that the book cover can make or break your book. All of the 711 Press covers have been created in such a way that they resemble movie book posters, and rightly so considering the motto. I've come to love every single cover on the 711 Press site and know from my fans, that many have bought my books Feral, Rabid, Nocturnal and DNA based on the cover. 

So, with my new attitude toward book covers, it came as no surprise to 711 Press when I shot down the newest book cover for my upcoming trilogy. However, they had shot it down beforehand, but wanted to get my take on it. The 711 Press formula combines a variety of artists to create each cover and what I found lacking with the latest was that special something that makes a 711 Press cover jump out at you. So, we're heading back to the drawing board.

However, I discovered this was a test designed by Daniel to help me become more thorough in my vision to bring the book cover alive. You see, I have been allowed to be fully involved in the cover design idea for each book, but have been vague in my descriptions. So with the latest cover, I realized that I didn't fully express my vision as to the positioning of the heroine, her surroundings, etc. After seeing the mockup, I realized that I was partly to blame and if I'd taken time to write down every detail as I saw in my mind, the first cover draft might have been a success.

So, fellow authors, when you have an idea for a book cover, make sure to write down EVERY detail, including hair and eye color, clothing, surrounding settings, wheter it's day or night, etc. or else you might be very disappointed in the outcome. Guess I should've paid more attention to the cover design section when reading Jaime Vendera's 11 Simple Steps. I won't make that mistake twice :)