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The Crisis Hits Amazon!

Now Kindle lovers can experience all the thrills of this exhilirating cinematic book. If you own a Kindle, buy The Crisis Artifact now. Within an hour and a half of going live, we got our first review from our very first customer. In her words: 

"THAT WAS TERRIFIC. Defintely worth $2.99
Honest surprise: the writing is good and I did not expect it to be. VERY VERY good story. 

But talk about a cliffhanger!!  I was shocked!! [Spoiler removed . . .]  UNfair!!!  With an ebook you don't have any idea how much you've read. (I didn't pay attention to the bottom)..if this were a paperback held in my hands, I would think oh, I'm coming to the last chapter but with this--a total surprise!  BRAVO to you, Daniel. Well done."

Cici McNair, Author of Never Flirt With a Femme Fatale

Thank you Cici.

So Kindle readers, download your copy today!


Welcome to 711 Press

With the launch of our new publisher site, we are pleased to announce the release of our first official title, The Crisis Artifact. We have many books in store and are very excited about releasing them over the coming years. Thrilling stories will emerge from our talented roster of authors, and we intend to build a really unique brand that will stand the test of time. So join us as we seek to revolutionize and reinvigorate the publishing industry, because we can't do it without the help of our readers!