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History of Atlantis

So, I'm digging Stargate Atlantis, and it got me thinking about the old tales of the sunken city. I did as I always do; I dove right into the subject headfirst, read stuff from Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, did scientific research via Google and in the end, all it did was drive me crazy until I convinced James to add a bit of Atlantean adventure to Shifters, which comes out in September. It seemed like a daunting project because of the way we structured our latest book, but I assured him it would deliver the magic of the Crisis Trilogy to all our fans. So, I promise you, Shifters won't let you down. In it, you'll learn the truth of Atlantis and discover how the pyramids were really created—well, at least our version, anyway. So, thank you O' tales of Atlantis; you've helped to inspire us to make our stories even better.