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Serpent Head Doing A-Okay

The feedback and responses I've been getting from readers who have headed back to the world of Kill Factor with the second book in the series have been overwhelming, to say the least. I thank you! Not only are customers finding the book on Amazon, BN.com, and the usual online retail sources, but fans have also borrowed books from libraries, even though titles have only been live in library databases for a week now. 711 Press tells me that books are already in digital library systems in New Zealand; British Columbia, Canada; Florida; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Michigan; Indiana, and other places. A slow roll out is happening now so I expect to hear from more of you as time passes.

Rest assured progress on book three, Death Strike, is going well and I should be wrapping that up any month now (yeah, these books are small, but there is a LOT involved in the writing and research. I just have to get things right before it's sent off to the editor).

But speaking of libraries, I was sent a few links from the publisher and see that people are indeed borrowing copies of Kill Factor where they have been listed. Thrills me no end. Here's to many more readers who are yet to discover our titles!

Til next blog, dear readers.

- R. Vallon


711 Press Has Partnered With OverDrive For Library Distribution

Well, it's official. 711 Press titles are now available to more than 15,000 libraries, schools, and colleges around the world in ePub, PDF, and not least, Kindle format. Through the efforts of co-founder and publisher Daniel Middleton, 711 Press has now pushed beyond traditional retail channels and has made itself available to the masses via a digital content library that is hosted by OverDrive, a leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content. Their database holds more than 650,000 premium digital titles from more than 1,000 publishers, among which 711 Press now sits. Random House, HarperCollins, BBC Audiobooks America, Harlequin, Bloomsbury, and Scholastic are also publisher partners, so 711 Press is in good company.

All books in both our Movie Book and TV Book lines will feature consistent low pricing, so libraries seeking to buy books from our front or backlist catalogs can rest assured that we have made our books extremely affordable for any library budget. Speaking of which, congratulations to our first library customer, Michigan's own Lakeland Library Cooperative, whose first purchase was Roger Vallon's Kill Factor.

The 711 Press Current Titles page features our full catalog, which will continue to expand and diversify as books are added each month in various popular genres, including sci-fi, horror, action & adventure, romance, young adult, spy thriller, mystery, and more. So check back often to see what we're cooking up, so that you can select titles in anticipation of patron interest.

Librarians, you can look for 711 Press titles in your OverDrive Content Reserve account. And we hope your patrons enjoy what we have to offer!