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My New Series is Coming Along Nicely

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I've decided to grace 711 Press with a brand new adventure, which will be unveiled next year (still can't get over the long wait myself, trust me). But it will be a whopper of a story. I'm all about mystery and detecting so that will figure into my series. Yes I said series, folks. No one-offs for the kid. This series, however, will be a departure from the Kevin Bailey book A Dirty Business, a series which is now on hiatus thanks to the new deal I signed with 711 Press a few months back. Things are looking up and I'm excited to be writing within their universe, since all of the Movie and TV Books exist there. Avid 711 readers must know this by now, however.

At any rate, look for the bizarre and downright mysterious, as I plan on delving into uncharted territory with this one. We're talking voodoo, hexes, psychic abilities, government conspiracies and cover-ups (hey, it wouldn't be a 711 Press product without 'em) and much, much more. I believe I've created a strong, mystrious protagonist with a dark past that should intrigue new readers and longtime fans alike for years to come.

Keep you posted.



The Long Haul

When thinking about starting a new writing project, especially one that will comprise multiple books, one should really sit down and consider, "Am I ready for the long haul?" I spoke about discipline in a recent post and I have to iterate here for the casual reader, that writing, all aspects of it, requires great discipline. I look at the books of some accomplished authors--authors who have written maybe 5 to 7 books in a series and managed to complete it--and I think, can I accomplish that? I'm planning to write 7 books in all for my Kevin Bailey series, and so far I have titles for the next two, and a loose plot (as well as 6 completed pages) for the second. That is a far cry from 7 books. In addition to that, it's been five years since my previous book, but the good thing is I've set the book three years into the future of that universe, so readers might appreciate that.

While 7 books seem daunting now, given that a great deal of time has passed and I have seen very little movement as regards sales of the first book, I have to remind myself that, unlike other projects I have undertaken in the past, and will take on in the future, this series is an extremely personal project, meaning, I really don't care whether it sells well or not. If it does, fine. I'll gladly accept that. But if it doesn't, I'll accept that as well. [Now that I'm signed with 711 Press, I do realize they expect to see sales, but my feelings are unchanged on this subject]

You see, as writers, we have to come at novel writing from the very foundation once in a while; from our very roots if you will. When you're writing a book for yourself (and that is what I'm doing with this series) you don't have to get caught up in business details such as writing something you feel needs to be marketable, or popular with audiences, etc. No, writing for yourself allows you tremendous freedom to do whatever you want. You can take your characters anywhere, or give your story an unhappy ending if the dynamics lead you to that conclusion. That's what I'm all about with Kevin Bailey. I know of directors who say that they'll do one for the studio--meaning a film that appeals to the masses--and one for themselves--those more personal films that tend to be artsy, full of creativity and originality but don't essentially do well at the box office.

Well Kevin Bailey is one for me. It just so happens that I'm sharing it with the public. So, succeed or fail sales wise, I'm in it for the long haul.