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Europe or Bust

Summer is in the air, and there are so many things I want to do this year. A European vacation is definitely in the cards, especially since the euro has taken a hit, making the currency exchange rate more favorable (no offense to hard-hit Eurozone countries, particularly those that comprise PIGS). Plus I've been delving into European culture so much due to my exotic Kill Factor settings that I'm growing kind of nostagic toward a few beloved ciites I've visited in the past. So I'm probably going to start making travel plans and thinking about crossing the pond for a lovely two-week stay. Wherever me and the wife end up, you can be sure it will figure nicely into a future Kill Factor book, since my publisher Daniel Middleton stresses writing "from a place of experience." And I couldn't agree more.

I've never been to Ireland, but I've visited Scotland on several occassions (I have cousins in England). Eidenburgh is a must-see. The architecture, the culture and history . . . all wonderful. Scotland, however, is not known for its food. You won't see any fancy Scottish restaurants in New York or L.A. So be warned, but the country, despite its terrible weather and so-so food, is quite lovely. Italy I can't say enough about: the scenary, food, wine, its people . . . to die for. France is downright charming, its countrsides, particularly Provence, simply breathtaking. But, I plan on seeing new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new people. Here's to that.

-R. Vallon