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Movie Book Fridays!

Beginning December 30, 2011, with the launch of Long, Cold Winter by Drusilla Winters, 711 Press will be releasing a new Movie Book the last Friday of every month. That’s 12 exciting Movie Books each year! This is in addition to our weekly releases of TV Book episodes, which you can look for on Mondays, 52 Mondays a year!

What does this mean to you, the reader? It means you’ll have another constant stream of entertainment each month, compliments of 711 Press. Hey, we aim to please. So fire up the popcorn, get your eReader of choice ready, and load that bad boy with a new title from us and prepare to be thrilled.

Look for approximate read times on the Movie Book page of choice (you’ll find this right below the book description). Read times are fairly accurate, so if a book averages 92 minutes, expect to spend an hour and a half losing yourself within our imagined world (unless you read like a speed demon, or a sloth).

Well that’s it from us.

See you inside the Movie Book!


The Era of Big Chain Bookstores is Passing

Today, Borders Group, the direct competitor of Barnes & Noble, is beginning liquidation of its 399 stores, and “everything must go,” folks. And that means $700 million of the company's inventory, which includes books, stationery, CDs, and DVD movies. Even the furnishings and equipment, right down to the shelving will also be sold off. Yikes!

According to one paper, “A liquidation company that is part of the process said late Thursday that the sales will be held starting Friday at all 259 Borders superstores, 114 Borders Express and Waldenbooks, and 26 Borders airport stores.”

A distant rival, Books-A-Million, is said to be bidding for “leases and assets of 30 Borders stores.”

With this latest news, it is official: we are nearing the end of the era of big chain bookstores as we know it. Sad for some, awesome for others. There is a major shift going on in the book world today, and that shift is caused primarily by the upward momentum of the eBook market, which is currently being propelled by online giant Amazon.com. In the decades to come, we won’t be able to walk a mere four or five blocks in a major city and pop into a big chain bookstore to browse the shelves and sit down over a steaming cup of java as we peruse a choice print book or two. Those days will be long gone. Instead, look to see a slew of people sitting in actual coffee shops with various eReaders in hand, clicking through digital books that didn’t cost us a forest. (You’ll see a few of ‘em now in fact.)

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