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Just Watched Event Horizon ... For Like the 50th Time

If you've never watched Event Horizon with Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, do yourself a favor; find, it rent it, buy it, whatever...just make sure you watch it. I cannot get enough of this movie. This movie has inspired my books Flight 666, Long, Cold Winter and Moment of Death. I love to touch the psyche, actually, jam my hands into it, squish it and mold it into a shape that makes fear ooze from the mind. This is what Event Horizon does to me. It turns my conscious inside out and makes me look around corners for the pure evil lurking in the shadows. 

If you're a horror lover like me, or even a fan of my twisted tales, please join the Event Horizon club. Feel free to reply with movies that touch you horribly like this one has me. 

PS: Silent Hill has a soft place in my heart as well ;)

Dru out.



I am sooooo excited to see the new movie, Prometheus. I've long believed they needed a beginning to Ridley Scott's Alien series. I am such a fan of the entire franchise and I even liked the Alien versus Predator movies, though I was worried they'd be corny like Feddy versus Jason. Surprisingly, they made sense. But, now my yearning for answers to the origins of the Alien species is about to become reality. It only makes me want to write a horror story based in space. Maybe someday, but right now the galaxy belongs to our 711 authors, Ronald Coleborn and Melvyn Riley, who are just finishing up the Phoenix Earth season one tv book series. Maybe we'll all eventually co-author a space horror trilogy similar to Alien, Event Horizon and Pandorum. I'm game ;) They can write the space adventure, and I'll pepper it with my sick and twisted tales, haha.

Dru out.


Beyond the Twilight Zone

Heads up, I just finished the third TV Book story for a series I'll be releasing based on the Moment of Death trilogy. It's like if the Twilight Zone existed in the world of Event Horizon. Some pretty sick and twisted tales, even freakier than Flight 666. Hmmmm, now I'm thinkin' about Netflix again ;) Guess I'll add Twilight Zone to my instant queue and watch it next. Just watched Devil's Playground with Cuba Gooding, Jr. Now, some may balk and say the movie was goofy, but it was right up my alley.

I might also revisit Hitchcock, because everytime I watch watch of the Master's films it sets my brain on fire. Can't decide which is my absolute favorite though. I'm crazy about North by Northwest, but Rear Window, Rebecca, Vertigo, Psycho, and so many others are just as riveting as the next. Guess I'll have to don a blindfold and grab one at random. I do like the occasional surprise after all.

Have a good scare all.

- Dru out ;)