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Facebook Share Price Falls Again!

Folks, two weeks ago I told you in this post that Facebook would keep diving, because the big players are tripping over themselves to get out of this thing. They see the exit signs and are cashing in, big time. Meanwhile, the little players who were hit hard initially are still in, as they're holding out hope that the stock will go up on the promises of Mark Zuckerberg who speaks of great things to come. Well the stock fell 4.5% today, and it will go even lower, thanks to lock-up expirations I mentioned earlier, which will add close to 1.5 billion shares to the market by November 14. Money will fly into the pockets of those who bought early and bought cheap, and many more will lose money. That's the name of the game. On the strength of this news, brokerage firms and some Facebook underwriters are cutting their price targets.

Some would say that you can't write this stuff, but it seems that's not true anymore. Read my Kill Factor series if you want to see this stuff in action. Corrupt far-reaching corporations with their hands in everything being crippled by market manipulation. Riveting stuff!

On another note, congrats to fellow 711 Press author Ronald Coleborn on releasing his new series that starts with Knight's Valor. Loved it! Looking forward to more.


Facebook Shares Take Another Hit

It seems like a team of high-tech spies are sabotaging the market system to purposely collapse the arm of an evil conglomerate that is Facebook. LOL, you've gotta read the second and third book in the Kill Factor series to get what I'm saying here. (The third book is due out in November.) It's just that the stock has been tanking so hard since the IPO that one would think it were set up to fail following the major money grab by those who held the purse strings to begin with, leaving the suckers hard-working investors holding the bag (which is pretty much empty now). 

The price of Facebook shares hit a new low today, thanks to the fact that certain lockup agreement rules expired which restricted early stockholders from jettisoning said shares (which totaled around 271 million additional shares). And about 2 billion shares are yet to hit the market, thanks to another lockup agreement that is set to expire next May. Yeah, look for this thing to tank, hard! You'd think Doc and Augggie from my series were holed up in a high-rise office in Beijing rubbing their eyes while gazing up at a bright array of monitors detailing the action they manipulated.

Read Death Strike in November and join the fun!

- R. Vallon


Order of 5ive: Season 1 Episode 1

While the official launch of the first episode of Order of 5ive is tomorrow, Monday, June 13th, anticipation is already building for this new, dynamic YA series. Select fans will be able to read it for free by contacting my publishing partner Jaime Vendera via his Facebook page (click here).

In short, the Order of 5ive is a unique offering, comprising fast-paced and exciting episodes built around an elite government-backed group of teens with special abilities, which they use to fight against an assortment of enemies, monsters, and unexplained phenomena. Aimed at Young adults, the series will also appeal to older readers, particularly the young at heart.

New episodes will be released every Monday, leading up to a two-part season finale that will arrive August 29th.