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Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and Now Hollow and The Bay

And so the time has come again for a horror "documentary" based on "found footage". I have been a fan of these "real" fake flicks since the Blair Witch Project hit the theaters, but over the years, I've grown tired of film after film of so-called documentaries. Don't even get me started on The Last Exorcism. Patrick Fabian, who held the lead role in that flick should've quit with Saved by the Bell: The College Years. 

The horror "documentary" repeats are becoming nearly as bad as the regurgitation of shows like Jersey Shore. Enough is enough already. It's to the point that directors I used to like, such as Barry Levinson are getting into the mix (he's pushing out The Bay -- see trailer below to get a taste of what I'm going through). I'm not even excited about Paranormal Activity 4. However, the newest documentary horror spoof, Hollow, has piqued my interest because I have a strange fascination with trees. In fact, there's an old '80s movie about a witch who tries to steal a baby and sacrifice the child to this tree that is alive. Can't remember the name of the flick for the death of me but it was brutal stuff. So, I'll give Hollow a go. Hope it doesn't disappoint.