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Harry Potter Wizard's Collection

So, I was excited to buy the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection, but my thoughts have been swayed, since I've been watching the promo video and interviews with JK Rowling. I'm a Harry Potter fan through and through, but JK, you're about to make me mad enough to werecat your eyes out. I know people have suggested that Harry went mad from the abuse he received from his aunt and uncle, but don't you dare hint at it, or else it won't be your 31-disc collection kept in the fold out desk. That's over three hundred bucks I could put into a werecat costume. 

So, before I buy this collection, I need a definitive answer. JK Rowling, are you going to stand by your stories or are you going to go with the imaginations of fans worldwide and be swayed to alter the truth of your stories (as you've done in the past)? Because if Harry lived it only in his mind, you just destroyed my childhood fantasy and this is one girl who won't support you anymore!