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Kill Factor Book 1 Free Through Saturday!

Hey there Kill Factor fans! You can download a free copy of Roger Vallon's pulse-pounding spy thriller Kill Factor FREE starting today. See where it all begins, how Redrum Industries locates one of its missing agents, now rogue, on a farm in some forgotten state in the middle of the US. Join the action as Hadrian Black begins a search for the truth and metes out vengeance against the corporation that robbed him of his life and memories. And start the journey on a zigzag, globetrekking path that takes our hero to far-flung regions as he winds his way around the globe on an epic quest to destroy his enemies.

The book races to a conclusion with breakneck speed and efficiency, never letting up to allow you to catch your breath. So get your copy today and start your Movie Book experience before the sequel, Serpent Head, launches on Friday the 27th!

Here's what readers are saying:

"The story moves fast, and there [...] is also enough sci-fi stuff to really get me interested." - Noah Spranklin

"I thought this movie book was well written and it instantly grabbed my attention. This story reminded me of Universal Soldier and how humans were 'made' stronger." - Amanda Farmer

"The author offers you a tale of enhanced athletic ability and geeky technology with a side of intrigue. You'll begin to wonder if Hadrian can trust ANYONE and you'll wonder just how long he can last with the world's best assassins after him." - Jo Ann Hakola

Well folks, I hope you enjoy the free read. We'll see you inside the Movie Book.


Rerun Mondays: Order & Sigil

And so the first official Rerun Mondays has launched. To get your free kindle copies of the Order of 5ive, episodes ZERO and ONE, click the cover images below:


To receive your free copy of Age of the Sigil episode ONE, click the cover image below: 


Flight 666 Giveaway!

On Friday, December 30, 711 Press will be giving away Flight 666, the first book in the Moment of Death Trilogy FREE on Kindle. So if you have a Kindle, or if you download your Kindle app of choice, you'll have access to a dynamic Movie Book title that will launch you into one of our finest Horror series to date.

Look for the promotional freebie starting at midnight (PST). And pick it up anytime on either Friday or Saturday. This is open to all fans, not just reviewers, so be sure to get your copy while the promotion runs. And if you like it, post a review.

If fan reaction is strong enough, we'll do more promotions in the near future. So we're looking to hear from you lovers of fiction out there! Movie fans will do also, as these are really movies in book form, as our slogan states, so it will only take you a couple hours to read.



Reviewers for Kill Factor

The Gist

Our Reviewer Drive continues this month with a quest to find reviewers for Roger Vallon's Kill Factor. So if you're a willing Amazon Kindle book reviwer, sign up to receive this title for reivew. The rules are simple. The first 15 people to respond to this post will receive a copy of Kill Factor via email. To be considered for the free Kindle gift, you must go to our Contact Page, fill out the form, and enter "Kindle Reviewer" in the Title of Your Subject box. That's it!

Bear in mind that we are looking for fans of Spy fiction/Action that is loaded with tongue-in-cheek conspiracy elements. (See more book details here.) If this sounds like your flavor, send us a line in keeping with the rules above and you'll make the list. If the book doesn't interest you, please do not contact us.

Things to Know

We need all reviewers to post on Amazon, but if you can add the same review to your blog, or other book-friendly sites like Goodreads, that would be super, but you're not obligated to go beyond Amazon itself.

A Kindle download link will be sent to the same email you used to contact us. Once you've received the book, you will have a whole month to review same (hey, it won't take you more than an hour and a half to read the thing, and it's a FUN hour and a half!). In order to receive future books in the series, you'll have to actually post a thoughtful review. (See an example here.)

You're not obligated to post a five-star review. But if you're posting a two-star, we'll take that as a sign that our books are not up your alley and we'll part ways. If you do like our stuff, chances are we'll keep sending you more, IF you keep posting thoughtful reviews.

So, feel free to sign up and become a 711 Press Reviewer! We're waiting for you. . . .


Flight 666 Giveaway!

Drusilla here :) I wanted to let you know that my publisher, 711 Press, has decided to offer twenty-five free Kindle gift copies of Flight 666 the day before the book is released to those of you who would be interested in receiving and reviewing my first cuh-razee horror novel. You can learn more about Flight 666 at http://711press.com/flight-666/

To be considered for the free Kindle gift, you must go to http://711press.com/contact-us/ fill out the form, entering "Kindle Reviewer" in the Title of Your Subject box. 

All they ask is that in return, you please review the book on Amazon as soon as you finish reading Flight 666 and give us an honest review. You MUST add to your review that it was gifted to you :) Thank you in advance for your kind support. I've already finished the second novel, Long, Cold Winter, which will be released in January, and now I am working on the third installment :)

PS - I know this is off the cuff, considering I write horror, but 711 Press is also looking for reviewers for their new TV Book series, Mafiosi, which is sort of a Godfather meets Sopranos title set in the '50s. If you are a mafia buff, you'll love this series. Check it out at http://711press.com/mafiosi/. If you want to review these books as well, just mention it in your email to http://711press.com/contact-us/.

Happy early Halloween, mwahahahaha :)

- Drusilla