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My Twist on the Amityville Horror

The Amityville horror scared the bejeezus out of me as a child. How I cherish that memory. So, I woke up this morning with a new movie book idea, actually one I've been thinking about for some time, and might have mentioned in a previous blog. Many of us have great memories of imaginary friends we had as children. What if those imaginary friends came back to haunt you? Just a thought...I've got a great plot for a book based around this idea that will end like you never imagined. Think I'll beg 711 Press to release that story next on my roster :)

Dru out


I Had Another Nightmare...

And it was wonderful. I died in it of course; most times, I do. But it always makes for a wonderful story. In fact, I don't think I ever mentioned that Long, Cold Winter came out of a nightmare I had while staying at a lodge somewhere in the eastern United States. I will not, however, reveal which lodge, but I will say I just heard that a Hollywood film company is making a B-film at the very same lodge this year. Urrrggg, Long, Cold Winter should've been turned into a film. If so, I would've revealed the location, ;)

Anyways, my latest nightmare isn't a new nightmare at all, as I've already been loosely taking notes for a similar book. It seems my nightmares like to influence one another. Let's just say some childhood friends come back to haunt you. I need not say more because this book is about three away from making it to press and I don't want another author stealing my morbid ideas. Though I've been told my ideas so far are so sick and twisted that another author wouldn't approach a horror story like I do anyways. To be fair, I've also been accused of being tongue-in-cheek, and every once in awhile, predicatable but appaling. Aren't we all? This comment made me think about my fans. It seems as a new author, I'm so far utterly loved or totally hated by my readers.... I'll take both, because it tells me I'm doing my job. 

All right friends, time for a nap. Hope it scares me to death.