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Facebook Share Price Falls Again!

Folks, two weeks ago I told you in this post that Facebook would keep diving, because the big players are tripping over themselves to get out of this thing. They see the exit signs and are cashing in, big time. Meanwhile, the little players who were hit hard initially are still in, as they're holding out hope that the stock will go up on the promises of Mark Zuckerberg who speaks of great things to come. Well the stock fell 4.5% today, and it will go even lower, thanks to lock-up expirations I mentioned earlier, which will add close to 1.5 billion shares to the market by November 14. Money will fly into the pockets of those who bought early and bought cheap, and many more will lose money. That's the name of the game. On the strength of this news, brokerage firms and some Facebook underwriters are cutting their price targets.

Some would say that you can't write this stuff, but it seems that's not true anymore. Read my Kill Factor series if you want to see this stuff in action. Corrupt far-reaching corporations with their hands in everything being crippled by market manipulation. Riveting stuff!

On another note, congrats to fellow 711 Press author Ronald Coleborn on releasing his new series that starts with Knight's Valor. Loved it! Looking forward to more.


Kill Factor 2

Some have been wondering what I have planned for the Kill Factor series going forward. Some of the elements I introduced will figure prominently in the series, while others will be scaled back for the sake of story development and continuity. I can't get into specifics, but the core mythos will be intact. Redrum is thriving and Hardrian and company are bent on taking it down at any cost, but there will be much more to the saga than meets the eye. 711 Press co-owner Daniel Middleton has taken over production of the series, and he has come to the table with a lot of great suggestions, so the next few books will be a slight departure from what has come before. But we will definitely be building on what came before for all you fans of the first book.

Stay tuned for more as the series develops. I've seen the design schemes for the next three covers and I am bowled over by the dynamic vision of the artists. They really get it.

- R. Vallon


Almost There. . . .

A few more tweaks on Kill Factor and all will be right as rain, then its off to the trusty editor for a final polish before we push this thing into publication. The new release date is tentatively set for the last Friday in August, I believe--that falls on the 26th. Future books are being plotted as I write this, and plans are looking good for the Kill Factor franchise, though the first one is yet to hit shelves, virtual or otherwise. 

The tweaks and rewites are going well, and were, in my opinion, very necessary, since this is the first in a new series and must therefore properly set the tone. I'm pleased thus far, and I believe readers will be as well once they get to devour the final version.

- R. Vallon