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Here Comes the Hobbit, the Next Butt-kicking Screen Trilogy

Yay, I loved LOTR, and now we are right around the corner from the first Hobbit move, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Now, I must admit, I haven't read the Hobbit so I am a little confused. From what I gather, this film has been turned into a trilogy, but in reality, the first two films comprise a duology, which covers the book, and the third installment, There and Back Again, is based on various short stories JRR Tolkien wrote to further explain Middle-earth. Now, some may think this will suck and is all about money, but I am very excited to see a book stretched out over several movies. It will allow them to detail more of the actual book. This is actually what I did with my Werecat Saga. I had so many ideas that I couldn't relay it just in one movie book.

So, I am very excited about this latest release in the Tolkien line. However, I believe I should go read the Hobbit now to prepare for December :) Then I'll have it out of the way so I can concentrate on season two of Age of the Sigil.