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Rerun Mondays: Winter Season Ending with an Explosion!!!

The winter season of Rerun Mondays ends with a blast. TWO full episodes back to back are available for FREE, ending Season One of Order of 5ive. In the last two episodes, Shutdown Part I & II, we learn the work that King and 5ive have been doing has a darker side to it than the government lets on. Faced to meet with their enemy, Riker, surprising details unfold that will change the order forever.

For those of you who love shows like The X-Files and cartoons and movies like X-MenOrder of 5ive is the perfect combination. We're sure you'll enjoy this action-packed series and we're happy to deliver free copies to our Kindle fans to prepare you for Order of 5ive season 2, due July 2012. To learn more about Order of 5ive, and to get your FREE kindle copy of Episode Twelve and Thirteen, click here. Then, simply click on the Kindle link for Episode Twelve or Thirteen to claim your free copy.