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What Horror Would You Like to Read?

Okay horror fans, I have decisions to make. I already have several new books on the horizon, but I'd like to know what YOU want to read as a fan? Do you want possessed chimpmunks, demonic dwarfs, ghosts trapped in the wood grain lines of paneling that come out to get you like in Long, Cold Winter, or what? I want to know what my newfound friends and fans would like to see. Hey, maybe I'll feed off of an idea and use you in the book as one of the victims, mwahahaha! Anyway, not trying to steal anyone's ideas, so just send general ideas my way, like lost in the woods, voodoo doll comes to life, etc. If I like it, I may build on it ;)

Well, it's back to woik before my fingers fall asleep.

Dru out


Who "Squirms" Over Worms?

Ah, I just had a flashback. I remember my grandmother had these old B&W films that ran on a projector. They were B-rated movies without sound, or I think they were without sound. So long ago, I cannot remember. Anyways, I LOVED this move called Squirm, about a town being overrun by earthworms. My favorite scene was when the girl was getting ready for a bath, she turns on the water and tons of worms start flowing out of the faucet and overflowing the tub. I think I remember worms crawling out of some guy's eyes. However, I cannot remember how they stopped those little slimy creatures. Ya know, I think that memory might be where I got the idea to turn T-Sul's flight attendant love slave into a giant maggot in Flight 666. Just goes to show how repressed memories can affect your writing.

Dru out ;)


What's the Best Horror on Netflix?

Anyone have any suggestions for horror movies on Netflix? I luv me some Netflix, people, but it does urk me to see how few horror fests they feature in their collection. There truly is a lot of dreck to sift through for sure. Luckily, I am into Hellraiser right now and have eight movies in the series in my instant queue (good thing 711 Press encourages this. What a cool publisher). But most of the time, I can only watch a few of the movies in a series.

Anyways, I am looking to find things to warp my already twisted brain further. I'm looking for movies that will inspire my creative juices. As a side note, Roger Vallon said to me one day, "Dru, how does such a tiny little thing like you come up with those sadistic tales?" I told him I was probably dropped on my head as a child (which probably isn't far from the truth considering the horde of roughhousing boys I grew up around).

So, help this tiny girl out. Tell me what Netflix flicks keeps you from sleeping at night ;)


I Had Another Nightmare...

And it was wonderful. I died in it of course; most times, I do. But it always makes for a wonderful story. In fact, I don't think I ever mentioned that Long, Cold Winter came out of a nightmare I had while staying at a lodge somewhere in the eastern United States. I will not, however, reveal which lodge, but I will say I just heard that a Hollywood film company is making a B-film at the very same lodge this year. Urrrggg, Long, Cold Winter should've been turned into a film. If so, I would've revealed the location, ;)

Anyways, my latest nightmare isn't a new nightmare at all, as I've already been loosely taking notes for a similar book. It seems my nightmares like to influence one another. Let's just say some childhood friends come back to haunt you. I need not say more because this book is about three away from making it to press and I don't want another author stealing my morbid ideas. Though I've been told my ideas so far are so sick and twisted that another author wouldn't approach a horror story like I do anyways. To be fair, I've also been accused of being tongue-in-cheek, and every once in awhile, predicatable but appaling. Aren't we all? This comment made me think about my fans. It seems as a new author, I'm so far utterly loved or totally hated by my readers.... I'll take both, because it tells me I'm doing my job. 

All right friends, time for a nap. Hope it scares me to death.



And So Begins the Long, Cold Winter

Today marks the official launch of horror fiction writer Drusilla Winters' second book, Long, Cold Winter, which is the continuation of her unconventional horror trilogy entitled Moment of Death. In Long, Cold Winter, Drusilla paints a more twisted tale than her first book, Flight 666, as a small group of friends opt for a weekend getaway in a secluded hilltop lodge. But as the days unfold, and the other residents disappear, a variety of bizarre and twisted, paranormal events shape their future as the group fights to escape and survive the onslaught of unknown forces that are seemingly under the control of a sadistic doctor bent on releasing their deepest, darkest nightmares.

If you are a true lover of horror, this book is for you. Be forewarned: DO NOT read this book at night if you're all alone!


Flight 666 Giveaway!

On Friday, December 30, 711 Press will be giving away Flight 666, the first book in the Moment of Death Trilogy FREE on Kindle. So if you have a Kindle, or if you download your Kindle app of choice, you'll have access to a dynamic Movie Book title that will launch you into one of our finest Horror series to date.

Look for the promotional freebie starting at midnight (PST). And pick it up anytime on either Friday or Saturday. This is open to all fans, not just reviewers, so be sure to get your copy while the promotion runs. And if you like it, post a review.

If fan reaction is strong enough, we'll do more promotions in the near future. So we're looking to hear from you lovers of fiction out there! Movie fans will do also, as these are really movies in book form, as our slogan states, so it will only take you a couple hours to read.



Two New Books From 711 Press this Halloween!!!

Boo! Happy Halloween. For those in for a scary treat, 711 Press has just released "Flight 666", a horrific, but tongue in cheek tale about the lives of seven passengers interweaving during a fateful cross-country trip to Seattle aboard Atherton Airlines Flight 666. But little do they know that this trip will bring them face to face with their worst nightmares, and possibly plunge them into a murky pool of death. This book is guaranteed to make this scary night even scarier. And the great thing about this Movie Book? It only takes approximately 84 minutes to read!

Also out on the 31st, "Mafiosi, Episode 5: New Management." The amazing crime drama set in the 1950s is an homage to great crime sagas such as the Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, and the Sopranos. In this episode, we discover that when Tommy "Fishgut" Sulteri lands back in town, Vin, Paul, and the Rhino join him on a run to muscle in on Louie Spera's club. Tony Gallo finally decides he wants to throw in on the action as well, but he gets unsettling news from Vincenzo during a surprise visit.

Enjoy these and other titles from our front list.