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Just Watched Event Horizon ... For Like the 50th Time

If you've never watched Event Horizon with Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, do yourself a favor; find, it rent it, buy it, whatever...just make sure you watch it. I cannot get enough of this movie. This movie has inspired my books Flight 666, Long, Cold Winter and Moment of Death. I love to touch the psyche, actually, jam my hands into it, squish it and mold it into a shape that makes fear ooze from the mind. This is what Event Horizon does to me. It turns my conscious inside out and makes me look around corners for the pure evil lurking in the shadows. 

If you're a horror lover like me, or even a fan of my twisted tales, please join the Event Horizon club. Feel free to reply with movies that touch you horribly like this one has me. 

PS: Silent Hill has a soft place in my heart as well ;)

Dru out.


School's Out ... Maybe I Should Write a "Know What You Did Last Summer" Type Tale?

Ah, I always loved those cheesy movies like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they were too predictable and soft for me. I like walking out of a movie feeling like my skin is crawling with sin or something is about to kill me. That's how I felt when I wathed The Blair Witch Project for the first time. I want that kind of sick, twisted fear in all my books.

Speaking of Blair Witch, I'm such a twisted sicko, that when it came out on video, I had my nephews stay all night, let them watch it, and when they fell asleep, I snuck outside and began piling up rocks just loud enough for them to hear. I ran in through the back door when I heard one of them whispering in a scared voice, "Aunt Dru, Aunt Dru." I rushed in, turned on the lights and told them they were having nightmares. When I flipped on the outside lights, we saw the pile of rocks. Needless to say, my nephews bolted upstairs and I nearly peed my PJs. Some aunt, I know. But in my defense, they actually deserved the torture. They're always playing pranks on me. The one from that day was to tape down the phone receiver with cellophane tape so when it rang and I picked it up, it contined to ring. Yes, I had one of those ooooold phones for quite a while. Gotta love rotary dialing!

My rambling has a point. I truly love my nephews and I love kids and I also love to scare them. All in all, I want to instill that kind of fear in my readers and I would love to write a "teen summer" type book that scared the kids into minding their parents until they turned thirty. So, now I begin the process of thinking it through. But, as usual, the good stuff won't come to me until I fall asleep. Oh, dream journal, how I love thee. See you tonight, lover.

Dru out.


My Morbid Mind

My publishers have just told me that I'm one sick, twisted individual, lol. I consider that a compliment. They asked me where I come up with these stories, to which I replied, "I dream them, of course." Because of that conversation, I started reflecting on the Moment of Death trilogy and thought about the thrill of writing. I truly enjoyed writing all three books, but I'm not sure which one is my favorite. Feel free to tell me which one is yours.

I am writing because I haven't been blogging much (a fact my publsihers keep reminding me of), so I wanted all my fans to know that their questions about the Moment of Death trilogy will not go unanswered. Many have emailed me wondering about the doctor and what became of the moment of death experiment. I planned to end the series with unanswered questions so that it was open-ended for future books, however after a meeting with 711 Press, we've decided to spin off a TV Book mini-series based on the moment of death experience. How soon will it be published? There is no set date at the moment because I'm busy writing two new Movie Books simultaneously so that I may unleash my fresh nightmares on paper. I will keep you posted week by week :)



Weekend Horror Madness

GREAT NEWS for Drusilla Winters fans! Her Moment of Death trilogy finally wraps up today! For fans of  horror fiction, Flight 666, Long Cold Winter, & Moment of Death is one of the most bizarre, twisted tales of horror to grace the fiction world. It follows the tale of a doctor who has discovered a way to tap into a person's psyche to take them to their moment of death. But, the experience isn't without repercussions. Each book in the trilogy will leave you wondering what horror lies around every corner and in every shadow. If you love movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Event Horizon, The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Wrong Turn, or TV shows like American Horror Story, then Moment of Death is the next step in pure fear.

Warning: Do NOT read these books alone...or at night.

In celebration of the release of Moment of Death, 711 Press has decided to offer the Kindle version of Flight 666 for FREE for THREE DAYS!!! Take advantage of this FREE offer today to get a taste of the sick and twisted world of horror that only Drusilla Winters can conceive. To get your free copy of Flight 666, go here and to learn more about Long Cold Winter & Moment of Death, go here.





Moment of Death Ready for Primetime

Just got back my latest Movie Book Moment of Death from my publisher, 711 Press, who just got it back from the editor. Read it! LOVED it! And I approve!!! What a thrilling ending to the Moment of Death saga that has been swimming around in my head for so long. I wanna thank Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton also for spearheading this mammoth project and shepherding me along the way, while adding wonderful touches that brought it to life. The series wouldn't have been what it is without your help. And Rich Dalgish, my editor, did a bang up job shoring up what I wrote and strenghtening the narrative. I'm so pleased. They've also posted the first chapter, which you can read for yourself here: Moment of Death Chapter.

Happy reading all! Don't forget, the book hits stands (virtual and otherwise) on Friday the 24th. So help support a girl!