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Does Amazon Kindle Ranking Affect Book Sales?

You bet your $0.99 book it does! With the creation of POD and eBook distribution companies like Lulu, CreateSpace, and Lightning Source (as well as Amazon's KDP platform and BN's Nook) the publishing floodgates have been opened wide, allowing anyone to turn author and make an extra dime selling their fiction and non-fictions works without seeking the traditional publishing route.

Therein lies the problem. EVERYONE is publishing a book nowadays (some great, many bad) which means readers must sift through thousands of books in order to find the ones they'll really enjoy. So, if you think writing a book, spitting out a print copy and slapping it on the KDP platform at amazon.com means automatic millionaire, think again. You're being tossed into the sea with every other author and you have to swim for the surface. Yes, there are the chosen few that have made it above water. So, what's their secret? The simple answer is: thousands of eyes on their books.

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