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More History on the Temple From Crisis Artifact...

Ah, another golden question. Many want to know more about the mysical black pyramid from The Crisis Trilogy. How did the Ancients know how to build it? Where did it truly originate? Was it on Earth? Are there any more? Well, with all 711 Press titles, be it TV books or movie books, key aspects of stories are subject to reappear here and there from time to time. And concerning the temple, you haven't seen the last of it. Being a 711 Press author allows me access to stories way in advance of release and I'm able to be a part of the creative process where other authors are concerned. So I can assure you, the temple will reappear right around the corner. As for which TV or movie book it will make its appearance in, that I will not reveal, you'll just have to buy them all to find out, haha. However, once you find it, a little more light will be shed on the true purpose of the temple and whether or not it originated when Caesar Guevara saw it in The Catastrophe Scroll, or in another eon. We'll also learn whether the amazing temple of Peru is the only one in existence, as it could be one of thousands ;)

Look for clues in one of our current releases.


What Ever Happened to Caesar Guevara's Kids?

*Spoiler Alert*

A fan wrote to ask if we planned to do another Crisis Trilogy following the lives of Caesar and Anna's kids, now being raised by Lionel Galton, Adelaide, and their "uncle" Fiero. James and I never planned to elaborate on this, but, hey, you never know. I'll make you a deal. If you help us sell one million copies each of Crisis Artifact, Chaos Pendulum, and Catastrophe Scroll, then I GUARANTEE you that James and I will revisit the world of Crisis and whip out another trilogy based on the kids in their teens that will make the original Crisis Trilogy look tame by comparison. 

I'm pretty sure we still have over 900,000 copies of each book to go... I'll notify you when we hit the million-copy mark and let you know we've started writing ;)


The Crisis Trilogy - A Look Back

Some have said that the Crisis Artifact starts out a bit slow but once it picks up the adventure breaks open with cinemactic greatness. First off, Gordon and I intended to open the book with a slow, thoughtful character study centered around the protagonist, Caesar Guevara. Much as we love Indiana Jones, even Raiders of the Lost Ark didn't open with that ball chasing down Indy, though many don't remember that. We had to firmly establish our hero in the minds of the readers from the opening page; cause them to identify with him before we could take them on a wild journey filled with many unbelievable events.

The first book in the trilogy The Crisis Artifact, as many of you who have read it will know, is grounded in reality (well, compared to the other two books at any rate). While the other two books have been accused of being over the top. We warned folks that this would be the case. The second and third books don't let up on action, wild adventure, supernatural occurrences, or plot momentum. The story moves at lightning speed and carries you toward a bizarre but fitting climax that encapsulates the entire story arc while bringing closure for fans of the epic. And the main players' stories are wrapped up nicely. We explain things that puzzled readers from the first book and build on the trials Caesar had to undergo in book 2, The Chaos Pendulum. We explain the origin of the statues in the temple itself, who they represent as well as who they are, and the whole mythos is laid out plain as day for all who make it through the three books in the series.

But you have to read all three in sequence, because I've read the woes of some disappointed readers who skipped book two and barrelled through The Catastrophe Scroll without fully embracing the full story and were lost. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I look forward to hearing what the rest of you think about the books. Please send us your feedback. We welcome it!


James LaFleur and Gordon Massie Interview

Despite their hectic schedule and the vast distance that separates these dynamic Sci-fi authors, 711 Press managed to wrangle its two promising debut authors for an eye-opening interview, which can be read below:

711 Press: So how did you two get into writing?

James LaFleur & Gordon Massie: We actually grew up together, spending our summers in Europe with each other. Our parents did the same growing up and just carried on the tradition. We were both junior explorers and loved movies like Indiana Jones, so we let our minds run wild. Most of this info is in our 711 Press author bio by the way, if anyone is interested.

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The Crisis Trilogy is complete with the release of the Catastrophe Scroll

And so the journey of Caesar Guevera comes to an end....The fallen archaeologist has risen from the ashes in the first book of the trilogy, "The Crisis Artifact" to find the key to saving our world from devastation. He traveled the world to conquer the tasks that would provide him with the knowledge to save the world in the second book, "The Chaos Pendulum". And now, in the third installment, "The Catastrophe Scroll," Caesar must complete his destined path in order to save his wife, Anna, the true bearer of the Scroll of knowledge, which has the ability to save-or-destroy the world. Will he succeed or will Anna Guevera destroy us forever?

Learn more about "The Catastrophe Scroll" HERE


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I nominate Indiana Jones for teacher....and father of the year

Growing up in Wales wasn't as fun as you'd think. Many of my American friends tend to believe that every place in Europe is a scenic adventure...Not the case. My dad was a great dad, but he was on the road a lot, so we didn't get to do a lot of the father/son things like exploring, fishing, etc. My mum did do what she could to keep my hyper-active mind, well, busy. Usually we'd spend time together reading books, watching movies, doing jigsaw puzzles, etc. I feel for my mum, because my mind required consant attention.

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Awaiting the Crisis

Hello all, Massie here:)

I just wanted to pop in and say that both James and myself are extremely thrilled to be a part of 711 Press, and are very thankful that Mr. Middleton and Mr. Vendera took a chance with our "out of this world" story line. The Crisis Trilogy was an amazing adventure to dream up and I think we've brought our tales from our youth to life. I am excited for the release of all three books in the series, and only wish that everyone knew how it ended, like we do, haha.

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