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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Nine: Exposed

Having grown tired of Senator Aldridge's games, King takes things into his own hands, scheduling an unauthorized meeting with the West Coast Order to confront the two planted spies. With their covers blown, King threatens Spades and Clubs with untraceable deaths and sends the pair packing on a lone mission to prove their worth and loyalty. While hunting the "Porcupine Man" the two come to grips with the realization that King isn't the evil man that Senator Aldridge made him out to be. Meanwhile, back on the East coast, Ace and Heart finally allow their relationship to unfold and they officially begin dating, in secret. But while out and about, Jack and Diamond spot the new couple, which makes Jack question Diamond about their own hidden love.

Will Spades and Clubs succeed and prove their loyalty? Will Ace and Heart become a couple? Will Diamond quit hiding her feelings for Jack? The only way to find out is to read this episode!