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Order of 5ive Season Two Update

Season Two of Order of 5ive, due out this summer (July 2 to be exact) is coming along well. Writing duties have been passed on to our seasoned editor, Rich Dalglish, but Gordon and I are still behind the scenes, co-plotting with Jaime Vendera and Daniel Middleton, as these stories require a lot of visionary elements. We pick right up where season one left off and barrel through a new twisted plot that takes the series to another level, and in an entirely new direction. Old players are back, such as Riker, Senator Aldridge (who will figure largely into this new season) and the entire Order team. New characters are also introduced, and we'll take you on a tour of the new headquarters, which resides in a familiar building.

I'll post more updates as things develop.


Reviewers for Feral

Hi all! I've finally got my 711 Press blog working and I'd like to use my first post to ask that all reviewers of YA sci-fi out there reach out and lend me a hand. You'll get a free copy of my new book, Feral, by contacting us. Please read this post and follow the simple instructions. Feral is coming out on November 30th, but reviewers will receive copies of the Kindle book the day before. Spots are still open, so there's still time to sign up.

The book involves werecats, wild, ravenous beings called ferals, action, adventure, a dash of romance, epic quests across barren, dangerous wastelands, and more! Please sign up! But only if you're interested.

Jami Lynn


Flight 666 is Finally Out!

Well, my book, Flight 666, is finally out! [Dangerous excitement level detected] I wanted to use this blog post to thank my publisher 711 Press for taking a chance on me, and helping to fine tune the series so that it is in fact the best possible product that we can produce. I also want to thank each and every reader for spending time (in this case roughly 84 mins.) with my wild characters. My imagination has been called anything but normal, but I know that it is because of my unfettered imgination that I was able to pique a publisher's interest. Hopefully the interest of many readers will be piqued enough to pick up a copy too!

Early reader feedback has been positive and, at times, uproarious, but I want to hear from more of you! Please feel free to join the site and comment or sent me a message via the Contact Us page. I welcome your thoughts.

Well, it's back to the grind for me. Moment of Death, the third book in the series, won't write itself.



Flight 666 Giveaway!

Drusilla here :) I wanted to let you know that my publisher, 711 Press, has decided to offer twenty-five free Kindle gift copies of Flight 666 the day before the book is released to those of you who would be interested in receiving and reviewing my first cuh-razee horror novel. You can learn more about Flight 666 at http://711press.com/flight-666/

To be considered for the free Kindle gift, you must go to http://711press.com/contact-us/ fill out the form, entering "Kindle Reviewer" in the Title of Your Subject box. 

All they ask is that in return, you please review the book on Amazon as soon as you finish reading Flight 666 and give us an honest review. You MUST add to your review that it was gifted to you :) Thank you in advance for your kind support. I've already finished the second novel, Long, Cold Winter, which will be released in January, and now I am working on the third installment :)

PS - I know this is off the cuff, considering I write horror, but 711 Press is also looking for reviewers for their new TV Book series, Mafiosi, which is sort of a Godfather meets Sopranos title set in the '50s. If you are a mafia buff, you'll love this series. Check it out at http://711press.com/mafiosi/. If you want to review these books as well, just mention it in your email to http://711press.com/contact-us/.

Happy early Halloween, mwahahahaha :)

- Drusilla


The Crisis Trilogy is complete with the release of the Catastrophe Scroll

And so the journey of Caesar Guevera comes to an end....The fallen archaeologist has risen from the ashes in the first book of the trilogy, "The Crisis Artifact" to find the key to saving our world from devastation. He traveled the world to conquer the tasks that would provide him with the knowledge to save the world in the second book, "The Chaos Pendulum". And now, in the third installment, "The Catastrophe Scroll," Caesar must complete his destined path in order to save his wife, Anna, the true bearer of the Scroll of knowledge, which has the ability to save-or-destroy the world. Will he succeed or will Anna Guevera destroy us forever?

Learn more about "The Catastrophe Scroll" HERE


Watch the official Crisis Artifact Book Trailer:




Roger Vallon Interview

711 Press caught up with thriller author Roger Vallon, who has gathered an impressive Twitter following in just one week (over 640 followers interested in his new series, called Kill Factor). We had a few questions for Roger that we figured would tie in nicely with the release of his first book. The results of that interview follow below:

711 Press: So Roger, Kill Factor officially releases tomorrow (08/31/2011), although I see it’s already live on Kindle, lol. We want to congratulate you on your first release. We loved the manuscript when we first read it and it’s even more explosive now that it’s polished and edited.

Roger Vallon: Thanks. I must say, people think writing a book is easy. It’s not; it takes lots of work to hone your writing skills. And following the 711 writing guidelines makes it even more difficult. There were times I almost wanted to kill you guys, like my character Hadrian Black would have :) no offense. But, having the 711 team produce the book with me made it such a wonderful, rewarding experience in the end. I honestly don’t think Kill Factor would’ve been as compelling as it is if not for your guidance. So, much obliged for that.

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The Era of Big Chain Bookstores is Passing

Today, Borders Group, the direct competitor of Barnes & Noble, is beginning liquidation of its 399 stores, and “everything must go,” folks. And that means $700 million of the company's inventory, which includes books, stationery, CDs, and DVD movies. Even the furnishings and equipment, right down to the shelving will also be sold off. Yikes!

According to one paper, “A liquidation company that is part of the process said late Thursday that the sales will be held starting Friday at all 259 Borders superstores, 114 Borders Express and Waldenbooks, and 26 Borders airport stores.”

A distant rival, Books-A-Million, is said to be bidding for “leases and assets of 30 Borders stores.”

With this latest news, it is official: we are nearing the end of the era of big chain bookstores as we know it. Sad for some, awesome for others. There is a major shift going on in the book world today, and that shift is caused primarily by the upward momentum of the eBook market, which is currently being propelled by online giant Amazon.com. In the decades to come, we won’t be able to walk a mere four or five blocks in a major city and pop into a big chain bookstore to browse the shelves and sit down over a steaming cup of java as we peruse a choice print book or two. Those days will be long gone. Instead, look to see a slew of people sitting in actual coffee shops with various eReaders in hand, clicking through digital books that didn’t cost us a forest. (You’ll see a few of ‘em now in fact.)

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