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Order of 5ive Season Two: Episode Eight: Boot Camp

With the East Coast Order team on vacation, King heads to LA to put the West Coast Order through boot camp. However, only two days into training, Senator Aldridge calls on King and his teens to handle a terrorist situation on the East Coast. When King refuses, claiming his kids aren't ready, Aldridge forces his hand due to one of the terrorists being a hypernatural. Left to face the biggest challenge of their careers, the new 5ive ban together in an attempt to thwart the terrorists, with or without the proper training.

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Order of 5ive: Season Two: Episode Seven: Furlough

Distraught over the fact that his own team disboeyed his command to reject Riker's vaccine, King begins to regain control in his own way. First rule of order: put the East Coast 5ive on furlough. The five accept and set off to different parts of the word—Heart to China, Ace to LA, Joker off to see his autistic brother, and Jack and Diamond off on a secret lovers' getaway to an Indian reservation. What they don't know is that King is busy planning; planning to usurp Presidential candidate Senator Aldridge's control of the Order.

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James Bond Mania

So I've been watching the James Bond series all over again beginning with Dr. No, and I have to say, I LOVE the series. Brings back so many memories for one thing, but mainly I'm gearing up for Skyfall and gathering inspiration for my own Kill Factor series (which, as it's shaping up so far will probably run as long as the James Bond film saga, which currently stands at 23 entries, yikes). While I love Sean Connery, Roger Moore brought a more subdued and debonair aura to the role, infusing it with a unique touch that was all his own. I'll comment on the other three blokes once I get back up to them, but stepping one man back, I think folks have been entirely hard on George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was superior to some of Connery's entries, to be fair, and I preferred it over Moore's debut film.

All told, I'm like a kid in a cany store with this series though, and I'm glad I'm only 9 films in. 

Let the James Bond mania continue.

P.S. - Gotta love those beautiful Bond girls, and what variety. The spice of life, they say. 


Serpent Head Buzz

I've been getting great feedback from readers who were fortunate to receive advance copies of Kill Factor: Serpent Head, the second book in my ongoing series. The positive response has been overwhelming and I really am pumped about the next few books, the first of which is due later this year. Then you can expect a new book from me each year after that.

Overall, this has been a fun ride, and conceiving the world and players of Kill Factor is a blast, simply put, but the future is bright, and the Kill Factor organization, comprised of Hadrian Black, Trajan Cobalt, and the sole female, Magenta, are set to go on hairy missions in far flung regions well into the future. As many of you already know, I'm a huge spy fan, especially where movies are concerned. Serpent Head, I believe, will showcase that, and hopefully keep fans satisfied till movies like Skyfall (the next James Bond saga) and The Bourne Legacy hit theaters. Then I'll fill the void again with Death Strike in November. But you don't have to thank me :)

It's my job to entertain!

- R. Vallon.


Kill Factor 2

Some have been wondering what I have planned for the Kill Factor series going forward. Some of the elements I introduced will figure prominently in the series, while others will be scaled back for the sake of story development and continuity. I can't get into specifics, but the core mythos will be intact. Redrum is thriving and Hardrian and company are bent on taking it down at any cost, but there will be much more to the saga than meets the eye. 711 Press co-owner Daniel Middleton has taken over production of the series, and he has come to the table with a lot of great suggestions, so the next few books will be a slight departure from what has come before. But we will definitely be building on what came before for all you fans of the first book.

Stay tuned for more as the series develops. I've seen the design schemes for the next three covers and I am bowled over by the dynamic vision of the artists. They really get it.

- R. Vallon


Look out James Bond and Jason Bourne, Hadrian Black is here!!!

Kill Factor, the first espionage thriller by new author Roger Vallon is officially available today (08/31/2011) on Nook and Kindle! Here's a synopsis of the thriller which can also be read on the book page-

"After going rogue and laying low on a farm in the Midwest, Hadrian Black, an ex black-ops soldier turned covert government agent resurfaces and seeks revenge against the company that made him what he is. With the aid of an old friend, and the schemes and resources of a new one, Hadrian faces off against the deadly agents of the multi-faceted corporation with a global reach known as Redrum Industries, which is also out to destroy him." 

Learn more and order your copy today at http://711press.com/kill-factor/


Roger Vallon Interview

711 Press caught up with thriller author Roger Vallon, who has gathered an impressive Twitter following in just one week (over 640 followers interested in his new series, called Kill Factor). We had a few questions for Roger that we figured would tie in nicely with the release of his first book. The results of that interview follow below:

711 Press: So Roger, Kill Factor officially releases tomorrow (08/31/2011), although I see it’s already live on Kindle, lol. We want to congratulate you on your first release. We loved the manuscript when we first read it and it’s even more explosive now that it’s polished and edited.

Roger Vallon: Thanks. I must say, people think writing a book is easy. It’s not; it takes lots of work to hone your writing skills. And following the 711 writing guidelines makes it even more difficult. There were times I almost wanted to kill you guys, like my character Hadrian Black would have :) no offense. But, having the 711 team produce the book with me made it such a wonderful, rewarding experience in the end. I honestly don’t think Kill Factor would’ve been as compelling as it is if not for your guidance. So, much obliged for that.

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