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Going Green With Solar

Being in Nevada, sunshine is plentiful, and since we have a south-facing ranch/rambler, I figure it's time to go solar. I've contacted two local companies and gotten estimates and I am floored at how much going "green" can suck green from the wallets of conscious folks. Sure, there are solar power rebates, tax credits and incentives and so forth, but that up front cost is something that has to be considered. At this point we'll probably go with a smaller setup: a few solar panels, trickle charger and a smaller battery bank, which I can probably figure out myself--doesn't take a rocket scientist after all. But just thinking about spinning that meter backwards has me and the wife salivating. However, we also plan on putting on an addition so Elena could have her prized hobby room (she sews, knits and does other crafts, which is wonderful).

Well, if we do end up going big and contracting with a solar energy company to do the installation I'll keep you posted, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

If Kill Factor becomes a runaway bestseller, then this will be a whole nother conversation, as they say.

- R. Vallon


James Bond Mania

So I've been watching the James Bond series all over again beginning with Dr. No, and I have to say, I LOVE the series. Brings back so many memories for one thing, but mainly I'm gearing up for Skyfall and gathering inspiration for my own Kill Factor series (which, as it's shaping up so far will probably run as long as the James Bond film saga, which currently stands at 23 entries, yikes). While I love Sean Connery, Roger Moore brought a more subdued and debonair aura to the role, infusing it with a unique touch that was all his own. I'll comment on the other three blokes once I get back up to them, but stepping one man back, I think folks have been entirely hard on George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was superior to some of Connery's entries, to be fair, and I preferred it over Moore's debut film.

All told, I'm like a kid in a cany store with this series though, and I'm glad I'm only 9 films in. 

Let the James Bond mania continue.

P.S. - Gotta love those beautiful Bond girls, and what variety. The spice of life, they say. 


Serpent Head Doing A-Okay

The feedback and responses I've been getting from readers who have headed back to the world of Kill Factor with the second book in the series have been overwhelming, to say the least. I thank you! Not only are customers finding the book on Amazon, BN.com, and the usual online retail sources, but fans have also borrowed books from libraries, even though titles have only been live in library databases for a week now. 711 Press tells me that books are already in digital library systems in New Zealand; British Columbia, Canada; Florida; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Michigan; Indiana, and other places. A slow roll out is happening now so I expect to hear from more of you as time passes.

Rest assured progress on book three, Death Strike, is going well and I should be wrapping that up any month now (yeah, these books are small, but there is a LOT involved in the writing and research. I just have to get things right before it's sent off to the editor).

But speaking of libraries, I was sent a few links from the publisher and see that people are indeed borrowing copies of Kill Factor where they have been listed. Thrills me no end. Here's to many more readers who are yet to discover our titles!

Til next blog, dear readers.

- R. Vallon


Kill Factor: Serpent Head Launches!

So thrilled to see the book's release today, Friday, April 27th! It's another Movie Book Friday, folks! And this time we invite you to the world of Kill Factor. Get ready for decadence Monte Carlo style, and thrills, chills, and spy action that will pump you up for more books in this ongoing series. Spring is more like summer with Serpent Head, so picture yourself on a beach with this book in hand and lose yourself in a convoluted espionage plot that will whisk you away from reality for about 2 hours.

In this installment, rogue agent Hadrian Black is sent to Geneva in an attempt to uncover the hidden players behind Redrum Industries, but trouble follows him when Redrum's home-grown spies corner our hero in the field. Meanwhile Magenta, the newest recruit (and the latest agent to be snatched right from the government's clutches and Redrum itself) is dispatched to exquisite Monte Carlo, where she attempts to finagle intel from one of Redrum's elite while immersing herself in the pampered Monaco lifestyle. According to 711 Press, this is the sexiest Kill Factor entry so far, and it has to be with Magenta at the center of the story. We also meet a new sleeper with a standard Principate call sign and color code, Trajan Cobalt, and a lot is revealed in short order before all is said and done.

So lose yourself in this latest Movie Book and let us know what you think! Check out Serpent Head here.


Kill Factor Book 1 Free Through Saturday!

Hey there Kill Factor fans! You can download a free copy of Roger Vallon's pulse-pounding spy thriller Kill Factor FREE starting today. See where it all begins, how Redrum Industries locates one of its missing agents, now rogue, on a farm in some forgotten state in the middle of the US. Join the action as Hadrian Black begins a search for the truth and metes out vengeance against the corporation that robbed him of his life and memories. And start the journey on a zigzag, globetrekking path that takes our hero to far-flung regions as he winds his way around the globe on an epic quest to destroy his enemies.

The book races to a conclusion with breakneck speed and efficiency, never letting up to allow you to catch your breath. So get your copy today and start your Movie Book experience before the sequel, Serpent Head, launches on Friday the 27th!

Here's what readers are saying:

"The story moves fast, and there [...] is also enough sci-fi stuff to really get me interested." - Noah Spranklin

"I thought this movie book was well written and it instantly grabbed my attention. This story reminded me of Universal Soldier and how humans were 'made' stronger." - Amanda Farmer

"The author offers you a tale of enhanced athletic ability and geeky technology with a side of intrigue. You'll begin to wonder if Hadrian can trust ANYONE and you'll wonder just how long he can last with the world's best assassins after him." - Jo Ann Hakola

Well folks, I hope you enjoy the free read. We'll see you inside the Movie Book.


Serpent Head Buzz

I've been getting great feedback from readers who were fortunate to receive advance copies of Kill Factor: Serpent Head, the second book in my ongoing series. The positive response has been overwhelming and I really am pumped about the next few books, the first of which is due later this year. Then you can expect a new book from me each year after that.

Overall, this has been a fun ride, and conceiving the world and players of Kill Factor is a blast, simply put, but the future is bright, and the Kill Factor organization, comprised of Hadrian Black, Trajan Cobalt, and the sole female, Magenta, are set to go on hairy missions in far flung regions well into the future. As many of you already know, I'm a huge spy fan, especially where movies are concerned. Serpent Head, I believe, will showcase that, and hopefully keep fans satisfied till movies like Skyfall (the next James Bond saga) and The Bourne Legacy hit theaters. Then I'll fill the void again with Death Strike in November. But you don't have to thank me :)

It's my job to entertain!

- R. Vallon.


What to Expect From 711 Press for 2012

April, 2012 

Kill Factor returns with the second installment in the edge-of-your-seat espionage-thriller series. Author Roger Vallon takes his rogue agent to Geneva, in an attempt to uncover the hidden players behind Redrum. Meanwhile Magenta, the newest recruit, is dispatched to exquisite Monte Carlo, where she attempts to finagle intel from one of Redrum's elite while immersing herself in the pampered Monaco lifestyle. This is the sexiest Kill Factor entry so far, and it has to be with Magenta at the center of the story. We also meet a new sleeper with a standard Principate call sign and color code, Trajan Cobalt, and a lot is revealed in short order before all is said and done.




November, 2012 

And look for the explosive conclusion to the unofficial Redrum trilogy that is comprised of the first three books in the Kill Factor series. The series will head in a new direction with book four, titled White Russian, but we wrap things up for the first epic story with a major bang, and the fate of Redrum is decided, and the aim of the Kill Factor Organization is made clear. This is one series entry you won't want to miss, so mark your calendar!

May, 2012 

Directly on the heels of Jami Lynn Saunders' successful Werecat Saga (Feral, Rabid, Nocturnal) comes a new type of adventure. David Noble, an introverted teenager since the death of his father, discovers he's not alone when an overnight stay in the hills near his home puts him face to face with a being from another world. Little did he know the being came to Earth with the sole purpose of finding him. Thinking it was just a dream, David discovers the truth when his own DNA begins to evolve and he becomes the target of government forces. If you like I am Number Four, you will love D.N.A. DAVID NOBLE, ALIEN.

August, October, December, 2012 

Set in a time that follows the events of Age of the Sigil, this epic fantasy series from Ronald Coleborn recounts the age of heroes and legends; valient knights, dread dark lords, and vanquished princesses, each bearing a wondrous tale. In a divided realm, where a king lies dying, and ruthless armies and mercinaries form an aliance as they march toward the realm's High Court, a small band of warriors must defend the throne against an enemy that seeks to sweep terror across the lands. The Legends of the Dread Realm will launch in August, and the high fantasy series will introduce fans of the genre to a new adult-themed saga that is sure to please.

April, 2012 

And entering the fray this year is Phoenix Earth, our inaugural, full-on space opera/sci-fi entry. With this series, 711 Press goes beyond the usual frontiers, reaching out to bold new territory with an intriguing, politically-charged, action-packed, and entertaining TV book series that is sure to delight fans of the genre. If you loved Battlestar Galactica as we did, you'll wanna catch this show in April--but don't look for Cylons in this series. We're talkin' alien planet and future Earth. 'Nuff said!




July, 2012 

Order of 5ive returns this year with an explosive season 2 that picks up right where season 1 left off. The landscape may have changed somewhat (along with a few enemies) but the quirky, charming, and fun-loving teen heroes are back with a vengeance, as they are pitted against more hairy, mythological monsters and wild creatures of the night. The conspiracies deepen as well, and old enemies evolve into even greater threats as they amass power, raising the stakes for election year 2012!




October, 2012 

The mob goes Hollywood when Vincenzo, Paul, and Antoinette head out West, where the sun-drenched streets of LA run rampant with crime, and an undercurrent of violence swells the Hills. Tinsel Town isn't ready for the Paranzanos, but they're getting a couple of them anyway. Season two of this landmark series takes the saga in a new and exciting direction, and fans of classic mob epics won't be disappointed once they come along for the ride.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks, as there's plenty more to come. We haven't even mentioned the season one omibuses for Oder of 5ive and Mafiosi, or two projects from James LaFleur & Gordon Massie, or Drusilla Winters' one-off horror effort. Also, there are two new non-fiction books on the way from 711 Press co-founders Daniel Middleton and Jaime Vendera. But we'll save those for another day.