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"Scorned," With Billy Zane

This is too coincidental... A friend of mine from Ohio just informed me that she saw Billy Zane at a Walmart and Krogers grocery store in Portsmouth, Ohio. What is so bizarre is that Billy is workng on a new movie called Scorned, which is being filmed in Shawnee Forest at a lodge that sits up on a hill. Long, Cold Winter features scenes that are set in that exact lodge. I never had reason to reveal my inspiration for Long, Cold Winter as far as the location and the lodge is concerned, but now I feel I must, haha.

Luckily, Scorned isn't a horror movie like Long, Cold Winter. But it is still pretty amazing that they chose that location to film. For those of you familiar with the Shawnee Lodge (I haven't been there but once, over 15 years ago) you'll remember the bear, the hearth, the downstairs game room and pool. Even the old metal well on the hill is there, though not towards the lake as I mentioned in my book.

Now, if this is a sign that I am psychic, I am hoping my psychic skills take a leap forward and my next book ends up being turned into a movie soon after it's released so the movie filmed on the location of my inspiration is in fact based on my work this time around. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Dru out


Which Band Influenced the Chapter Titles of Long, Cold Winter?

I have to admit, I'm a real music girl and I love my 80s bands. Because of my love of music, I try to slip in a little nostaliga here and there in a weird way. For Long, Cold Winter, I did it through the chapter titles.  I'll give you a freebie before I ask the big question... The book title, Long, Cold Winter was taken from the second album release by rock band Cinderella. However, as I began to write the book, I discovered that another one of my favorite bands had album titles that easily fit into the plotting of Long, Cold Winter. This was purely accidental, but after naming several chapters, it clicked. I reviewed this band's entire catalog and stuck to the names of their albums to complete each chapter in the book.

Though this band didn't inspire the story, my affection for them will be forever hidden at the beginning of each chapter of Long Cold Winter. So, what's your best guess?

PS: Flight 666 was not a reference to Iron Maiden's video. That one was purely coincidental, though I do admit, those guys rock ;)


Beyond the Twilight Zone

Heads up, I just finished the third TV Book story for a series I'll be releasing based on the Moment of Death trilogy. It's like if the Twilight Zone existed in the world of Event Horizon. Some pretty sick and twisted tales, even freakier than Flight 666. Hmmmm, now I'm thinkin' about Netflix again ;) Guess I'll add Twilight Zone to my instant queue and watch it next. Just watched Devil's Playground with Cuba Gooding, Jr. Now, some may balk and say the movie was goofy, but it was right up my alley.

I might also revisit Hitchcock, because everytime I watch watch of the Master's films it sets my brain on fire. Can't decide which is my absolute favorite though. I'm crazy about North by Northwest, but Rear Window, Rebecca, Vertigo, Psycho, and so many others are just as riveting as the next. Guess I'll have to don a blindfold and grab one at random. I do like the occasional surprise after all.

Have a good scare all.

- Dru out ;)


What's the Best Horror on Netflix?

Anyone have any suggestions for horror movies on Netflix? I luv me some Netflix, people, but it does urk me to see how few horror fests they feature in their collection. There truly is a lot of dreck to sift through for sure. Luckily, I am into Hellraiser right now and have eight movies in the series in my instant queue (good thing 711 Press encourages this. What a cool publisher). But most of the time, I can only watch a few of the movies in a series.

Anyways, I am looking to find things to warp my already twisted brain further. I'm looking for movies that will inspire my creative juices. As a side note, Roger Vallon said to me one day, "Dru, how does such a tiny little thing like you come up with those sadistic tales?" I told him I was probably dropped on my head as a child (which probably isn't far from the truth considering the horde of roughhousing boys I grew up around).

So, help this tiny girl out. Tell me what Netflix flicks keeps you from sleeping at night ;)


I Had Another Nightmare...

And it was wonderful. I died in it of course; most times, I do. But it always makes for a wonderful story. In fact, I don't think I ever mentioned that Long, Cold Winter came out of a nightmare I had while staying at a lodge somewhere in the eastern United States. I will not, however, reveal which lodge, but I will say I just heard that a Hollywood film company is making a B-film at the very same lodge this year. Urrrggg, Long, Cold Winter should've been turned into a film. If so, I would've revealed the location, ;)

Anyways, my latest nightmare isn't a new nightmare at all, as I've already been loosely taking notes for a similar book. It seems my nightmares like to influence one another. Let's just say some childhood friends come back to haunt you. I need not say more because this book is about three away from making it to press and I don't want another author stealing my morbid ideas. Though I've been told my ideas so far are so sick and twisted that another author wouldn't approach a horror story like I do anyways. To be fair, I've also been accused of being tongue-in-cheek, and every once in awhile, predicatable but appaling. Aren't we all? This comment made me think about my fans. It seems as a new author, I'm so far utterly loved or totally hated by my readers.... I'll take both, because it tells me I'm doing my job. 

All right friends, time for a nap. Hope it scares me to death.



My Morbid Mind

My publishers have just told me that I'm one sick, twisted individual, lol. I consider that a compliment. They asked me where I come up with these stories, to which I replied, "I dream them, of course." Because of that conversation, I started reflecting on the Moment of Death trilogy and thought about the thrill of writing. I truly enjoyed writing all three books, but I'm not sure which one is my favorite. Feel free to tell me which one is yours.

I am writing because I haven't been blogging much (a fact my publsihers keep reminding me of), so I wanted all my fans to know that their questions about the Moment of Death trilogy will not go unanswered. Many have emailed me wondering about the doctor and what became of the moment of death experiment. I planned to end the series with unanswered questions so that it was open-ended for future books, however after a meeting with 711 Press, we've decided to spin off a TV Book mini-series based on the moment of death experience. How soon will it be published? There is no set date at the moment because I'm busy writing two new Movie Books simultaneously so that I may unleash my fresh nightmares on paper. I will keep you posted week by week :)



Weekend Horror Madness

GREAT NEWS for Drusilla Winters fans! Her Moment of Death trilogy finally wraps up today! For fans of  horror fiction, Flight 666, Long Cold Winter, & Moment of Death is one of the most bizarre, twisted tales of horror to grace the fiction world. It follows the tale of a doctor who has discovered a way to tap into a person's psyche to take them to their moment of death. But, the experience isn't without repercussions. Each book in the trilogy will leave you wondering what horror lies around every corner and in every shadow. If you love movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Event Horizon, The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Wrong Turn, or TV shows like American Horror Story, then Moment of Death is the next step in pure fear.

Warning: Do NOT read these books alone...or at night.

In celebration of the release of Moment of Death, 711 Press has decided to offer the Kindle version of Flight 666 for FREE for THREE DAYS!!! Take advantage of this FREE offer today to get a taste of the sick and twisted world of horror that only Drusilla Winters can conceive. To get your free copy of Flight 666, go here and to learn more about Long Cold Winter & Moment of Death, go here.